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Sediment is a series of Esc.rec. releases that is in a completely new ‘one-of-a-kind-art-object-directly-related-to-live-performance’ category, combining the best qualities of music and visual art. In time Sediment might turn out to be a separate (sub)label. For now you can easily recognise a Sediment release by the extra Sediment catalogue number.

Review in Vital Weekly

While the four CDs have a documentary quality to them, Diepenmaat invited artists to compose new work out of his collected field recordings and made those new pieces available as a download, essentially producing a fifth CD to complement the four physical ones.

Two reviews in A Closer Listen

"If you enjoy creative presentations, look no further than the esc.rec. label, whose latest releases are as unique as they come ~ physical editions that speak of permanence and impermanence, while providing reminders of the enduring appeal of touch"