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An overview of reviews, interviews and other appearances in the press.

Review on VPRO 3voor12

ACSH #52 - Coolhaven: "Een soort mesjokke 'Ring des Nibelungen' met Joop Klepzeiker in de hoofdrol"

Review in Neural Magazine

The Void* - Values: "a strong wall of sounds made of modified instruments and electronics but also of elegant layers, cuts and melodic, iterated and dissonant sequences"

Review in Vital Weekly

Radboud Mens - Test Tones: "Maybe a high price for the real thing, but worth every penny in your download price range."

Review in Vinyl50

The Void* - Values: "Dit zweeft, dit is kwetsbaar, dit is plechtig en stemmig [...] buitengewoon sfeervol en stijlvol gedaan."

Review in A Closer Listen

The Void* - Values: "There’s no predicting what turn the album might take next, although there’s nothing here that is so abstract as to prevent entry"

Review in Ambientblog

The Void* - Values: "a wide range of atmospheres, starting almost ‘poppy’ but quickly moving into more abstract dimensions"

Review in Kindamuzik

The Void* - Values: "een volslagen uniek amalgaam van ambient, kraut- en postrock, drone en shoegaze"

Review & interview in Gonzo (circus) magazine

The Void* - Values: "Lastig in een hokje te stoppen [...] kunstwerkje"

Review on VPRO 3voor12

ACSH #47, Roald van Dillewijn & Guido Möbius: "Analoge gitaarpedaaltovenaars hypnotiseren De Perifeer"

Review in Vital Weekly

The Void* - Values: "I promise this band a great future"

Review in Yeah I Know It Sucks

Cadeu - O: "This is one of these masterful releases for the fans of intelligent electronics ... Clean, playful and with a scientific sounding human soul inside"