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An overview of reviews, interviews and other appearances in the press.

Review on VPRO 3voor12

ACSH #52 - Coolhaven: "Een soort mesjokke 'Ring des Nibelungen' met Joop Klepzeiker in de hoofdrol"

Review in Neural Magazine

The Void* - Values: "a strong wall of sounds made of modified instruments and electronics but also of elegant layers, cuts and melodic, iterated and dissonant sequences"

Review in Vital Weekly

Radboud Mens - Test Tones: "Maybe a high price for the real thing, but worth every penny in your download price range."

Review in Vinyl50

The Void* - Values: "Dit zweeft, dit is kwetsbaar, dit is plechtig en stemmig [...] buitengewoon sfeervol en stijlvol gedaan."

Review in A Closer Listen

The Void* - Values: "There’s no predicting what turn the album might take next, although there’s nothing here that is so abstract as to prevent entry"

Review in Ambientblog

The Void* - Values: "a wide range of atmospheres, starting almost ‘poppy’ but quickly moving into more abstract dimensions"

Review in Kindamuzik

The Void* - Values: "een volslagen uniek amalgaam van ambient, kraut- en postrock, drone en shoegaze"

Review & interview in Gonzo (circus) magazine

The Void* - Values: "Lastig in een hokje te stoppen [...] kunstwerkje"

Review on VPRO 3voor12

ACSH #47, Roald van Dillewijn & Guido Möbius: "Analoge gitaarpedaaltovenaars hypnotiseren De Perifeer"

Review in Vital Weekly

The Void* - Values: "I promise this band a great future"

Review in Yeah I Know It Sucks

Cadeu - O: "This is one of these masterful releases for the fans of intelligent electronics ... Clean, playful and with a scientific sounding human soul inside"

Review in Experimental Music From The Netherlands

Jeroen Diepenmaat - Frayed Air: "Other than expected this doesn’t turn into loud noise structures. Instead it stays all very quiet in some sort of meditative state"

Review in Bodyspace

Jeroen Diepenmaat - Frayed Air: "... creditem quando vos dizemos que é um dos registos mais inusitados e relaxados que vão ouvir hoje."

Article in The Vinyl Factory

Jeroen Diepenmaat - Frayed Air: "It’s not the first time the Dutch artist has worked with vinyl, his playful take on bird song and turntables ‘Pour des dents d’un blanc éclatant et saines’ one of the iconic images of the definitive 2011 exhibition The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl."