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Karen Willems – Bentillse Berber 03

Karen Willems is searching for personal modifications within her play of instruments and objects which should lead to a better development and enrichment as a musician. Her project ‘Terre Sol’ will map out that path through different tape releases. There is stylistically divergence on each tape. Where the 2nd tape was more an excursion, Bentillse Berber is more an extention of the first one ‘Grondwerken Willems’. Bentillse Berber is very intimate and pure. A reflection of the days in quarantine. Joy, sadness, melancholy and hope.

This cassette comes in handmade leporello-like fold-out cover, with artwork by Dominiek Claeys. Numbered limited edition of only 50 copies! Also available as a download and on all major streaming platforms.

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Francisco López – untitled (2019)

The latest album by Francisco López is up for pre-orders right now! Official release date is 1st of September. Even though the pieces on ‘untitled (2019)’ have very different origins, they all come together in a fascinating sonic trip, with the supreme quality and attention to detail you’ve come to expect of Francisco López. He himself humbly refers to this album as ‘a killer’. Couldn’t agree more.

This limited edition CD comes in a digipak with photography by Francisco López. Also available as a download and on all major streaming platforms.

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Recent releases

Some other recent Esc.rec. releases were ‘Something Extremely Light’ by Guybrush (only 5 tapes left!), ‘pas maar op want deze tas is van zorro (en zorro houdt van mij)’ by Plan Kruutntoone & Reinier van Houdt (vinyl and cd versions still available!).

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Even more

But that is not all! Also very excited about these other new releases that are currently in production.

– ‘Bentillse Berber 03’ by Karen Willems on audio cassette and download
– ‘Always There, Somewhere’ by Frond on audio cassette and download
– ‘Prosopagnosia’ by Daniel Vujanic on cd and download
– ‘Sluimer’ by Diepenmaat/Sallaerts on audio cassette and download

Even more releases anticipated by the likes of Monday Wilkinson (Hidde van Schie), Snackbar The Ambassador (Matthias König), Martijn Comes & Lukas Simonis, De Perifeer and Harco Rutgers.


It feels like a shame to never look back on a catalogue. Especially when it’s excellent like Esc.rec.’s backcatalogue. So here is a beauty from the archives, dragged back into the spotlight, including the reviews it got way back when. Gluid by Gluid (his debut album), released January 31, 2006.

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Esc.rec. Monthly

In another attempt to revive the Esc.rec. backcatalogue, there’s this monthly curated Spotify playlist of selected top tracks.

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