Jeroen Diepenmaat – Drums For Eugène

March 7, 2016    esc.rec.51, Releases


Title: Drums For Eugène
Artist: Jeroen Diepenmaat
Available formats: Limited Edition CDr in handmade cover with four colour linocut print, Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.51
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01 Part A01 (2.45)
02 Part A02 (3.01)
03 Part A03 (3.08)
04 Part B01 (2.43)
05 Part B02 (3.04)
06 Part B03 (3.08)


Music by Jeroen Diepenmaat
Artwork by Jeroen Diepenmaat

Press release

“In the basement of the library I came across a little book together with a 7″ record. The book is titled ‘De muziek van de mens’ (The music of man) and it was written by Eugène Brands, one of the Cobra painters. The book describes world music and the 7” has audio fragments to illustrate the diversity and richness of music from all continents.

Brands was a cognoscente of world music and old jazz and blues. A radio documentary recently broadcasted by VPRO program Urubichadie, reveals how dedicated and serious he was looking for new sounds, and how he also liked to share them.

In response to both the music and the text I made a series of linocuts which now serve as a cover for my CD ‘Drums for Eugène’. The music on the CD also refers to Eugène Brands. The jazzy drums of the first two tracks shift constantly and create new rhythms and patterns. Very much like the patterns in traditional African music.

In ‘Drums for Eugène’ the rhythms originate from two identical 7″ records playing simultaneously. This 7″ record is titled ‘Philicorda Rhythm Record’. A minimal difference in playback speed causes the drums to play in synch, shift out of synch or play offbeat. After which they slowly interweave again and sound exactly the same at some points.

It’s a surprising listening experience, where a curious ear can make all kinds of discoveries, both rhythmically and in sound, tone and timbre.

I secretly assume that Eugène Brands would have appreciated such an auditory journey.”

— Jeroen Diepenmaat

Jeroen Diepenmaat is a visual artist with a predilection for sound. In his work, consisting of drawings, sculptures, installations and performances, he explores the cutting edge between image and sound and the transition from one to the other.

Jeroen Diepenmaat’s work was shown a.o. in Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem (NL), Martha Museum in Herford (D), La Casa Encendida in Madrid (SP), Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (USA), Montevideo – Dutch Institute for Media Art in Amsterdam (NL), Extrapool in Nijmegen (NL), Serralves in Porto (P), Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam (NL).


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