Various Artists – Phonica

September 1, 2010    esc.rec.28, Releases

Title: Phonica
Artist: Various Artists
Available formats: Interactive files intended for mobile phones
Catalog#: esc.rec.28

This release is a collaboration with

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01 Robert Witt – Fase
Description: As time passes, soundscapes drift along.

02 AvoidAudio – Space Left Forgotten
Description: Strange noises and minimal art echo in a void of emptyness.

03 Garçon Taupe – Taupe Soundcloud
Description: Weather conditions and 8bit sounds respond to different battery levels. Depending on the weather, sounds differ from relaxing to nervous.

04 MONOFOOB – grphs
Description: Your phone’s signal and battery values are represented in graphs passing by. Depending on these values, the numbers become more and more unreadable and form an ever changing moving composition.  Panning of sound is controlled by time.

05 Radboud Mens – Moiréclock
Description: An interactive clock. Minutes and hours are represented in sound and image. Depending on time, line patterns overlap and form a moiré-effect.

06 MONOFOOB – Clouded Views *Free Bonus*
Download this file for free to test if your phone supports our content (or just because it’s free).

Please note that since these works are all interactive by nature, the previews offered by MobileVideoNet are no more than representations of the real thing.

Press release

For this release esc.rec. teamed up with MobileVideoNet, an artist initiative that focuses on the possibilities of art, mass media and public distribution. It operates at the frontier of mobile phone art productions and alternative public distribution. In a joined effort we created the first interactive audiovisual release for mobile phones ever!

The works respond to changes in battery level, signal strength and time, which effects both audio and image.

The selection of interactive audiovisuals can now be previewed and, during 2010, ordered via our sms text message service 2211 (only available in The Netherlands). The interactive audiovisuals are internationally available as a download ‘album’ through Bandcamp.

Pioneering audiovisual works were created by Garçon Taupe, Radboud Mens, Monofoob, Robert Witt and AvoidAudio.

Tip: use headphones when possible.


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