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August 6, 2007    esc.rec.11, Press

E/i magazine (www.ei-mag.com):

If the proposition had been made that audio/visual artist Roel Meelkop of all people (he of “strict” musique parallelists Goem, Kapotte Muzeik, and THU20, outcasts all) had the wherewithall to straighten up the rigid techno aristocracy in a couple fell swoops, those in attendance would have indulged in the time-honored tradition known as knee-slapping. The joke’s on them—as Slo-Fi, Meelkop hasn’t reinvented the wheel as such, but he’s sure as hell greased the treads and tightened the spokes. Slo-Fi’s first long-player, released on Staalplaat CDR sublabel Microwave, was a knotty filigree of squiggles, spangles and beads, the type of dry-as-Nevada, sparse minibeat tapestries that “parent” band Goem built its rep on.

‘S Latest Hits (hee hee) lets some welcome humidity into the grooves, but don’t underestimate Meelkop’s tenacity: all of the untitled tracks not only look for the perfect beat, they find it in spades. Track four’s galloping synths, viral bassline and wet-blanket of effects recall nothing less than the illegitimate offsping of mid-90s Cabaret Voltaire (notably International Language and The Conversation), its relentless, seesawing rhythm making for an ideal copy of dark House. As the corroded ping-pong bell tones underpinning track six’s post acid crash envelope your listening environment, suddenly it’s déjà vu all over again, the ghost of 1991 peeking out through 07’s covers, but Meelkop tweaks the formula so well the sensation feels utterly contemporary. Slo-Fi’s maxim bequeaths that everything old is, apparently, new again—if he keeps releasing stuff this good, Meelkop could conceivably quit his day job. Henke, Kirk and co. better watch their backs.



February 28, 2007    esc.rec.11, Press

Review in FRET (www.npi.nl):
Slo-fi is een van de namen waaronder Roel Meelkop werkzaam is. Hij is al sinds het midden van de jaren tachtig actief in de muziek met THU20, Kapotte Muziek en Goem. Als je het over Nederlandse experimentele elektronica hebt, duikt zijn naam vanzelfsprekend een keer op. En hij doet het nog steeds goed, zo blijkt uit de gedreven, stuiterende minimal die slo-fi uit de enen en nullen weet te persen. Vaak een dwingende, vierkante beat die zorgvuldig naar een climax toewerkt, met een mooi rond geluid, volvette bieps en blieps, reutelend geronk en hier en daar rustieke achtergrondpulsen.
(Arjan van Sorge)

Gonzo (circus)

   esc.rec.11, Press

Review in Gonzo Circus (www.gonzocircus.com):
Roel Meelkop kennen we van zijn experimenten met THU20 en Mailcop, maar zijn neiging tot het produceren van acid techno was ons minder bekend. Op deze cdr gaat hij tienmaal repetitief loos met zeer dansvloergerichte minimale softwaretechno. Zijn andere interesses (onder andere veldopnames) blijven latent present. De strakke sound en de opzettelijk sobere vormgeving (geen hoes, geen titels) zal zeker in de smaak vallen bij liefhebbers van Goem, een project waar Meelkop trouwens ook een vinger in de pap heeft.

Vital Weekly

   esc.rec.11, Press

Review in Vital Weekly (www.vitalweekly.net):
Roel Meelkop is perhaps foremost known as… Roel Meelkop. But perhaps you know his work with Goem or Kapotte Muziek? Well, of course you do. But little known is his work as Slo-fi (let alone his latest incarnation Zèbra). His first LP, on his own co-owned Audio.NL label, was a strong statement of very slow techno music. Originally perhaps conceived as a one off product, Meelkop liked the idea of doing more techno music, and released a further 12? on Audio.NL, a CDR on Microwave and a 12? on Antenne. More recent efforts to release more work didn’t work out, as Slo-fi’s work falls a bit in between the dance floor and home listening entertainment. Slo-fi uses various bits of software to generate a nice acid techno sound, but cleverly waves underneath a pattern of electronics and field recordings. Many of the tracks have a good drive, that will even make the most stubborn, non dance minded, tap his feet. What else can we say? Nothing really. Play this loud tonight when thing’s are still hot and sweaty and you will have a guaranteed party in your own backyard.

Slo-fi – ‘s latest hits

July 10, 2006    esc.rec.11, Releases

Title: ‘s latest hits
Artist: slo-fi
Format: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.11

This release is also available via many other download and streaming channels, like Spotify, iTunes, etc. Check this Spotify playlist for many more Esc.rec. releases on Spotify.


01 – (7.13)
02 – (7.14)
03 – (7.18)
04 – (7.10)
05 – (3.25)
06 – (6.22)
07 – (6.29)
08 – (6.07)
09 – (6.26)
10 – (1.32)


Music: slo-fi (Roel Meelkop)
Design: Harco Rutgers

Press release

A shiny, shiny, shiny disc full of subtle but sturdy acid driven techno tracks by slo-fi, one of Roel Meelkop’s monikers. Sometimes almost trance inducing, sometimes incorporating minimal experimental electronics and field recordings (was that a breast pump?), but most of the time gently lashing out at the dancefloor.


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