September 11, 2011: ACSH #16 (junior edition) with Loop The Balloon and Heug

August 23, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Oh yeah! The 16th ass-crack stage-hack is the very first JUNIOR edition of this adventurous concert series! An edition suited for children (of all ages) ánd adults. Nothing childish, expect challenging music in the line of previous editions of ass-crack stage-hack.

Loop The Balloon
Wherever there’s a party, there’s balloons. And wherever there’s balloons there’s Loop The Balloon! A unique act by multi instrumentalist and professional (jazz)drummer Jeroen Elfferich. That you don’t need sophisticated equipment to make beat driven music is best illustrated by this balloon hero. Using different kind of balloons and a loopstation he builds a groove, layer by layer. Besides performances at several small festivals and venues he also played Lowlands and Mysteryland, two of Holland’s biggest festivals. And since his smashing performance in Holland’s Got Talent, he’s also a regular TV celebrity.

Heug is Jan Schellink and Danibal. They improvise complete performances and have been described as “stand up musicians”. Or as Kindamuzik once wrote: “Heug is a cross between a comedy act and a serious sound performance”. Spontaneity and improv is key for this duo. Schellink is one of Utrechts most adventurous musicians and plays practically everything. Jewish harp virtuoso  Danibal yodels, sings and growls. Armed with loop-pedals, a suitcase full of jewish harps, trombone, bass guitar and evryting else within reach at the time.

Date: September 11, 2011
Doors open: 15:30
Start: 16:00
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (entrance Scheepvaartstraat)

WILLIE is back!


Things are a changing in Havenkwartier Deventer. Long story about real estate development and more, read all about it on the Havenkwartier website.

Anyway, one of the more unexpected results of these circumstances is the active comeback of artists initiative WILLIE in Deventer. Here is the new WILLIE website explaining the whole thing. Since I am a WILLIE member, it seems only natural to drag esc.rec. with me in supporting this brave endeavour.

Esc.rec. activities in Havenkwartier (like the ass-crack stage-hacks and diamond exchanges) will be hosted by WILLIE now, making it a joint effort. And esc.rec. backs WILLIE with it’s network and promotor skills. So now you know. This also explains the new look of ass-crack stage-hack posters. Like this next one.