June 2: Ass-crack stage hack #11 broadcasted by Concertzender

May 24, 2011    News

On June 2nd, 20:00 hrs. Concertzender broadcasts a recording of the live performance of Davis|Kleefstra|Kleefstra at ass-crack stage-hack #11 in Havenkwartier Deventer. It is a very good recording of a very good performance, so don’t miss it! Watch the video below for a fragment of the performance.

But if you accidentally do miss it, Concertzender broadcasts it again on June 10 and June 21 at 15:00 hrs. And you can listen to the recording on demand on the Concertzender website after the first broadcast.

Update: You can listen to the show on demand here.

Zèbra becomes Wieman

May 16, 2011    News

Zèbra (Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop) are forced to change their name. An American band named Zebra doesn’t like other bands to use that name, so they hunt them down and smoke ‘m out of their caves. They own the trademark to ‘Zebra’ for entertainment purposes since 1974.

As you may or may not know Zèbra contracts Zeeman and Wibra. From the letters they didn’t use from those names to make up Zèbra they now created a new name, Wieman. Meeuw supplied them with a fitting new logo.

Yoshimi! & De Plak

May 9, 2011    News

May 28, De Plak celebrates 35(!) years of existance in Nijmegen. Lots of good food, DJ’s and live performances, including Yoshimi!… Should be fun.