June 3, 2011: The Diamond Exchange #2

April 28, 2011    News, The Diamond Exchange

June 3, 18:00-0:00 hrs. in Havenkwartier Deventer: The second edition of The Diamond Exchange, with Jan Willem Broek (DJ Senzor, Caleidoscoop) and Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis.

You have to pay 5 euro to get in, but then you also get to enjoy ass-crack stage-hack #13. And if you pay 30 euro and made your reservation in time (mail harco@escrec.com) you can even enjoy a yummie three course diner by Goestingjockey Jean Klare.

June 3, 2011: ACSH #13 with Stranded Horse + The Diamond Exchange + Goestingjockey diner

   Ass-crack Stage-hack

Get ready for another edition of ass-crack stage-hack on the 3rd of June in Havenkwartier Deventer. This time Stranded Horse is coming to play for us. And his concert will be supported by a new edition of The Diamond Exchange ánd a luxurious diner by Goestingjockey Jean Klare.

Stranded Horse
The French musician Yann Tambour started his soloproject Stranded Horse in 2005. Quite unexpectedly actually, since he was still very succesfull with his group Encre at the time. Between 2000 and 2005 Encre was by far the most interesting avant-rock band in France, with several impressive albums on the Clapping Music label.

Stranded Horse is an extremely gifted singer/songwriter accompanying himself on kora (a beautiful instrument from West-Africa reminiscent of a harp) and guitar. His music is sober, intense and has roots in folk and old country blues, but also in the tradition of the French chansons. On the arrival of his latest album ‘Humbling Tides’ (Talitres Records 2011) Yann Tambour enriched his kora play with arrangements for cello and violin.

Live performances by Stranded Horse are an enchanting experience…

The Diamond Exchange
After a very succesfull first edition of The Diamond Exchange in Het Burgerweeshuis, it has become clear that this is a more than viable concept. In this second edition Jan Willem Broek (DJ Senzor/Caleidoscoop) and Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis wil play their best records for eachother. Jan Willem Broek also wrote this inspired review about the latest album by Stranded Horse and has a vast music collection. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis has an equally vast music collection and is a frequent visitor of ass-crack stage-hacks. Esc.rec. estimated a considerable overlap in matching musical interests between these two an they never met before, so this Diamond Exchange is bound to be an interesting first introduction. The Diamond Exchange starts early (18:00 !) and is scheduled to take place before and after the Stranded Horse performance.

Goestingjockey diner
Like before, there’s a dinner table in the concert room again. Jean Klare will treat the lucky few who managed to reserve a seat at this table to a delightful three course diner. Those of you who have attended a Goestingjockey diner before know I’m not kidding… this is pure tastebud pampering. During your meal you can listen to Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis and Jan Willem Broek getting acquainted musically in The Diamond Exchange. Please make your reservations in time (mail harco@escrec.com), there aren’t that many places available!

Date: 3 June 2011
Open: 18:00
Entrance: 5 euro
Diner: 25 euro (reservation required, mail harco@escrec.com)
Location: Havenkwartier

Lovis – Giraffe

April 27, 2011    News

Lovis released this EP beauty named Giraffe. It features the track Mumbling, which you might remember being on the free download compilation Flakes, available through esc.rec. and Lomechanik. It also includes a remix of Mumbling, made by Julien Mier. And if all that is not enough, they are giving it away for free.

I feel another ass-crack stage-hack coming up…

Weekend report


Esc.rec. triumphed last weekend. Two times in a row. Ass-crack stage-hack #12 in Havenkwartier on Friday and The Diamond Exchange #1 in Het Burgerweeshuis on Saturday.  Both nights were marvellous!

Sir Ian. Photo by Astrid van Loo.

Sir Ian & Rob van Gameren (The Yes Please). Photo by Astrid van Loo.

John Dear Mowing Club. Photo by Astrid van Loo.

Many more photo’s of ass-crack stage-hack #12 overhere.
Photo’s of The Diamond Exchange overhere.
Audio and/or video registration might be coming up later.

Julien Mier live @ Kitch”en, London

April 6, 2011    News

Julien Mier: “My first full live-act where I only played my own music on the 1st of April in a warehouse in London. The event was called Kitch”en, a cross over between audiovisual performances and two stage, dabbling in dubstep, drum and bass, idm, electronica, minimal techno and a lot of different other stuff.”

Check here for the full playlist. It includes the Julien Mier remix of Mumbling by Lovis, which features on the Flakes compilation (free download here).

Update: Through this live set Julien Mier has been selected as one of five finalists in a competition to open the Drift festival in Nijmegen. He needs your vote.