June 6, 2007    News

15th of June, 21.30: ~DIF#03 festival @ WILLIE in Deventer, with Sonic Wargame (live), Thomas brinkmann (live), TBA / Natalie Beridze (live), Jos Smolders & Jac van Bussel (live), Viezeverza & DB (live), Anne Bakker (live) and Radion (dj).

16th of June, 23.00: ~DIF#03 festival @ Het Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, with About (live), Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer (dj), Cette Truc (dj) and The Sub-Post-It’s (performance).

17th of June, 16.00:  ~DIF#03 festival @ Het Kunstenlab in Deventer, with The Draining (live), Karel van der Eijk (live), C3 (live) and Quinten Dierick.

‘Goud graven’

June 5, 2007    News

I was invited by VPRO 3voor12 to dig deep in their extensive online audio/video archive and come up with 5 favorites for their ‘Goud graven’ (gold digging) series. Needless to say that it wasn’t very easy… However, I managed to dig up some really entertaining pieces… or at least, that’s what I think. I motivated my selection in an interview by Paul Diersen today and now here it is…