June 3, 2011: ACSH #13 with Stranded Horse + The Diamond Exchange + Goestingjockey diner

April 28, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Get ready for another edition of ass-crack stage-hack on the 3rd of June in Havenkwartier Deventer. This time Stranded Horse is coming to play for us. And his concert will be supported by a new edition of The Diamond Exchange ánd a luxurious diner by Goestingjockey Jean Klare.

Stranded Horse
The French musician Yann Tambour started his soloproject Stranded Horse in 2005. Quite unexpectedly actually, since he was still very succesfull with his group Encre at the time. Between 2000 and 2005 Encre was by far the most interesting avant-rock band in France, with several impressive albums on the Clapping Music label.

Stranded Horse is an extremely gifted singer/songwriter accompanying himself on kora (a beautiful instrument from West-Africa reminiscent of a harp) and guitar. His music is sober, intense and has roots in folk and old country blues, but also in the tradition of the French chansons. On the arrival of his latest album ‘Humbling Tides’ (Talitres Records 2011) Yann Tambour enriched his kora play with arrangements for cello and violin.

Live performances by Stranded Horse are an enchanting experience…

The Diamond Exchange
After a very succesfull first edition of The Diamond Exchange in Het Burgerweeshuis, it has become clear that this is a more than viable concept. In this second edition Jan Willem Broek (DJ Senzor/Caleidoscoop) and Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis wil play their best records for eachother. Jan Willem Broek also wrote this inspired review about the latest album by Stranded Horse and has a vast music collection. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis has an equally vast music collection and is a frequent visitor of ass-crack stage-hacks. Esc.rec. estimated a considerable overlap in matching musical interests between these two an they never met before, so this Diamond Exchange is bound to be an interesting first introduction. The Diamond Exchange starts early (18:00 !) and is scheduled to take place before and after the Stranded Horse performance.

Goestingjockey diner
Like before, there’s a dinner table in the concert room again. Jean Klare will treat the lucky few who managed to reserve a seat at this table to a delightful three course diner. Those of you who have attended a Goestingjockey diner before know I’m not kidding… this is pure tastebud pampering. During your meal you can listen to Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis and Jan Willem Broek getting acquainted musically in The Diamond Exchange. Please make your reservations in time (mail harco@escrec.com), there aren’t that many places available!

Date: 3 June 2011
Open: 18:00
Entrance: 5 euro
Diner: 25 euro (reservation required, mail harco@escrec.com)
Location: Havenkwartier

April 22, 2011: ACSH #12 with John Dear Mowing Club and Sir Ian

February 3, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

On Good Friday April 22, the 12th edition of the adventurous concert series ass-crack stage-hack in Havenkwartier Deventer brings you two extremely talented singer/songwriters from The Netherlands in an intimate setting.

Visual artist and singer/songwriter Melle de Boer (The Hague) goes by the name of John Dear Mowing Club for his solo and group performances. For his show in Havenkwartier Deventer, he only brings his guitar and organ with him. De Volkskrant (Dutch national newspaper) writes about John Dear Mowing Club: “sinister jewels, resting on a bed of well articulated suffering”. His gnawing voice is a pleasant reminder of Neil Young, while his tormented lyrics reminiscent the work of the manic depressive songwriter genius Daniel Johnston. The latter seems no coincidence. De Boer and Johnston know eachother well. Whenever opportunity knocked John Dear Mowing Club has toured as backing band and support act for Daniel Johnston. On the self-released CD+book ‘Melleville’ you’ll find the song ‘Devils’. Recorded with Daniel Johnston at his home in Texas.

Sir Ian (Rotterdam) was in Deventer recently for a solo performance. At the opening of the exhibition by Hidde van Schie at Kunstenlab. A grand performance and the first time music really came into its own in the acoustics of Kunstenlab. Unfortunately, there was hardly anyone there to enjoy it… Hence now a second chance in Havenkwartier for anyone who missed out on this performance. Sir Ian is Bart Hoevenaars, also known as singer of the now defunct band Mono. Visitors of Oerol Festival last year, probably heard Sir Ian play in the forest, where he performed twice every day, together with Hidde van Schie. The songs of Sir Ian are carried by harmonious melodies, but never get sweet. His lyrics are introspective and Hoevenaars’ singing voice is impressive in it’s purity. Goosebumps.

Date: 22 April 2011
Open: 21:00 uur
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: Havenkwartier

March 18, 2011: ACSH #11 with Bela Emerson, Gareth Davis, Jan & Romke Kleefstra

   Ass-crack Stage-hack

After almost a full year of radio silence esc.rec. continues the line of adventurous and often intimate concerts by popular demand. That makes this the 11th edition of the ass-crack stage-hack in Havenkwartier Deventer.

The brothers Kleefstra performed here before in an earlier edition of ass-crack stage-hack, then together with Machinefabriek and Soccer Committee. That was such an impressive performance that esc.rec. cordially invited them back again. This time, the Frisian poetry of Jan Kleefstra and soundscapes of guitarist Romke Kleefstra are combined with the enchanting sound of renowned bass clarinetist Gareth Davis (UK).

The second concert of the evening is provided by Bela Emerson (UK). She plays (electric) cello with a fascinating virtuosity. Her solo performances are very intense and exciting. Using electronics and effects, this lady from Brighton builds layers of rhythm and sound, making use of every part of her instrument.

Date: 18 March 2011
Open: 21:00 uur
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: Havenkwartier

May 21, 2010: ACSH #10 with Greg Haines, Marcus Fjellström and Bas Mantel

April 20, 2010    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Finally. A new edition of ass-crack stage-hack in Havenkwartier Deventer. We’re celebrating the 1oth edition with glory and beauty by Greg Haines, Marcus Fjellström and Bas Mantel.

Greg Haines returns to the ass-crack stage-hack (see his previous show) to present his new album; minimal, modern classical compositions, oozing melancholy at times. Subtle use of electronics allows him to build his compositions carefully, layer by layer. For this concert he brings an extra cello/violin player.

Marcus Fjellström fuses contemporary classical music with experimental electronica and audiovisual works. His output ranges from orchestral compositions, through independent record label releases to collaborations with “Salad Fingers” creator David Firth. Lately he has teamed up with Dutch graphic designer and artist Bas Mantel for exciting audiovisual experiments, in both moving images and print… he also designed the poster for this ass-crack stage-hack.

Date: 21 mei 2010, 21:00 hrs.
Price: 10 euro
Location: Havenkwartier vmDavo, Mr. H. F. de Boerlaan 21151 (entrance Noordzeestraat), Deventer

November 20, 2009: ACSH #9 with Pfaff

November 6, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Pfaff reads, sings, speaks, plays and shouts in a mostly comical manner. For this Pfaff utilizes a voice, a guitar, something to hit and his head. This usually happens quite loud, but intimate and cosy is also an option. Most of the planned living room tour this fall is cancelled, due to lack of time (because he opened his own shop for art and culture in September). Some intimate performances remain. This is one of them! Oh… and entrance is free!


Hallo Hans,We hebben elkaar een keer gesproken na je optreden in het Havenkwartier in Deventer. Ik was blij te horen dat je weer een keer in de buurt komt optreden!
Ik ben gevraagd door Kunstenlab om ze te adviseren in het boeken van artiesten voor de optredens in en rond Okkenbroek. Dat heb ik gedaan. Paul de Jong, Bram van den Oever en MiaMia komen uit mij koker.Nu het gelukt is deze prachtige line-up bij elkaar te krijgen en jullie ook nog allen speciaal voor deze gelegenheid gecomponeerde stukken ten gehore brengen, leek het me erg zonde als dat niet op de één of andere manier vastgelegd zou worden. Ik heb dan ook geopperd om (zo goed en zo kwaad asl mijn middelen me dat toestaan) opnamen te maken van de concerten. En – als de opnamen goed gelukt zijn – ze zelfs uit te geven via mijn (kleine) label esc.rec. (zie www.escrec.com). Dat lijkt Kunstenlab een fantastisch plan!Mijn vraag aan jou is dan ook of je toestemming zou willen geven voor opnamen van je optreden(s) in Okkenbroek op 15 november. En voor een eventuele uitgave van deze opnames via mijn label. Ik zou de opnamen dan uitgeven als cd-r in een goed vormgegeven digipak-hoesje. Tevens zou ik de opnamen uit willen brengen onder een Creative Commons licentie. Dit met name om mijn label uit het vaarwater van Buma/Stemra te houden, een auteursrechten organisatie die ik (en vele anderen met mij) niet heel hoog heb zitten… Kijk voor meer informatie over Creative Commons licenties op www.creativecommons.nlEsc.rec. heeft als label geen winstoogmerk, maar wil wel graag uit de (materiaal)kosten komen. Tot nu toe lukt dat me goed. Mocht er onverhoopt wel winst gemaakt worden, dan wordt die uiteraard gelijkwaardig verdeeld onder de artiesten en esc.rec.

Ik hoop snel van je te horen, zodat ik mijn voorbereidingen voor de opnames kan treffen.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Harco Rutgers

September 18, 2009: ACSH #8 with Jozef van Wissem and James Blackshaw

August 21, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Friday, September 18: The 8th edition of ass-crack stage-hack is comprised of solo and duo performances by Jozef van Wissem and James Blackshaw, preceded by another exclusive three course diner by Jean Klare. This time the ass-crack stage-hack quite literally hacks a stage, because at the same time the video manifestation ‘Prognosis for the Future‘ takes place in Havenkwartier Deventer.


Jozef van Wissem (US)
Jozef van Wissem
is a Dutch minimalist composer and lute player. He is renowned for his unusual approach of the Renaissance and Baroque lute, probably the most unlikely instruments in the world of contemporary music. Van Wissem wrote out mirror images of hundreds of classical lute tablature pieces, copying them out from the bottom right to the top left corner. To these inversions he added new themes, accents and rhythms. He then applied the ‘cut up’ technique of writer William Burroughs and cut, shifted, mixed and pasted the parts together to create new works. One critic has compared this work to that of German painter Georg Baselitz, who paints upside down.

Van Wissem has accomplished the strange feat of bridging the idiom of seventeenth century lute literature and twenty-first century contemporary music Although he uses subtle electronic sound manipulation, he has largely stayed faithful to the particular timbre, resonance and playing technique of the lute.

Together with James Blackshaw Jozef van Wissem forms the duo Brethren of the Free Spirit.

James Blackshaw (UK)
Initially inspired by the guitarists of the 60’s Takoma label to teach himself fingerpicking, James Blackshaw writes long-form pieces primarily for solo 12-string guitar and piano that are heavily influenced by minimalist composers and European classical music and which use drones, overtones and repeating patterns alongside a strong inclination for melody to create instrumental music that is both intelligent, hypnotic and emotionally charged.

His fingerpicking mantras are as melodic as a music box, gliding through dizzying tempos like clockwork… Such is the silky control he exherts over his instrument, Blackshaw often sounds more like a court harpist than a backwoods strummer. Whereas kindred spirits like John Fahey and Robbie Basho looked East for their Raga-inspired guitar diversions, Blackshaw instead sounds more East-Coast: his long-distance guitar tunes recalling NY minimalism, or Sonic Youth, as arranged for chamber orchestra. Mesmerising stuff, and proof that less is often more.

Goesting-Jockey Jean Klare
If you do not only want to treat your ears to a feast, but also want to have your culinairy senses stroked, please join us for a meal! Amateur-caterer and ‘goesting-jockey’ Jean Klare prepares extatic pleasure for the taste buds this evening; a three course diner, including an excellent wine selection, for only 25 euro. You do however need to make a reservation for this culinairy treat. Just send an email to harco@escrec.com.

Entrance: 5 euro (30 euro including diner)
Date: vrijdag 18 september
Start diner: 19:00 hrs
Start concerts: 21:00 hrs
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer

August 9, 2009: Slowlands festival and ACSH #7

July 6, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Esc.rec. presents a luscious, long ass-crack stage-hack at Slowlands festival in Havenkwartier Deventer. With poetic electronica by Mia Mia, a cumbia/baile funk/kuduro mixxx by Dr. Auratheft, phat glitch hop by 12 Junkies, a bass-heavy space trip by E.A.R.L, one man trash band Ottoboy, a dj set for connaisseurs by Bram vd Oever (Gluid), and the tropical fever by Cette Truc. You’ll find the most adventurous line-up of Slowlands in the showroom of Bella Maccina!


Check the complete (and very, very nice!!) programme and all other info at www.slowlandsfestival.nl. I’m personally also very much looking forward to seeing Loney Dear, Michael Fakesch & Tapprik Sweeze, Radion and Fata.

May 8, 2009: ACSH #6 with Apricot My Lady and Robert Witt

April 14, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack


Friday, May 8: ass-crack stage-hack #6 in Havenkwartier Deventer.

The sixth edition of ass-crack stage-hack holds a cd presentation by Apricot My Lady, preceded by an exclusive three course diner, prepared by Jean Klare. Robert Witt utilizes the dining sounds as source material for a table concert.

You do however need to make a reservation for the culinairy treat. Just send an email to harco@escrec.com.

Entrance: 5 euro (30 euro including diner)
Start diner and concert Robert Witt: 19:00 hrs.
Start concert Apricot My Lady: 21:00 hrs.
Location: vm Davo building in Havenkwartier Deventer

November 28, 2008: ACSH #5 with Binnensuis

October 29, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

On Friday, the 28th of November, the fifth edition of ass-crack stage-hack brings you dance performance/theater play Binnensuis, preceded by an exclusive three-course diner in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Binnensuis is a short theater play/dance performance, made by dancer Janneke Lenzen, composer/musician Bram van den Oever and writer Jehudi van Dijk.

Binnensuis wants to show the disturbing world inside the head of an alienated, lonely woman, who rarely leaves her house and is plagued by a multitude of different phobia and severe neurotic behaviour.

But Binnensuis is also an experiment. The monologues Jehudi van Dijk wrote for this performance, were recorded by Bram van den Oever with the voice of Janneke Lenzen. He then modified and remixed these recordings into a stunning piece of music. Dancer Janneke Lenzen worked with this material to come up with a fitting choreography. For a long time the three individual creators of Binnensuis worked seperately on this project. Only in the final stage of the process all the parts were fused together to form Binnensuis.

Esc.rec. felt that Bram van den Oever’s soundtrack (if you can still call it that) for this performance is so powerful that it was decided to make a release out of it. Check the limited (sold out) version overhere and the unlimited version overhere.

If you do not only want to treat your eyes and ears to a feast, but also want to have your culinairy senses stroked, please join us for a meal! Amateur-caterer and ‘goesting-jockey’ Jean Klare prepares extatic pleasure for the taste buds again this evening; a three course diner, including an excellent wine selection, for only 25 euro.

You do however need to make a reservation for this culinairy treat. Just send an email to harco@escrec.com.

Click here to get the flyer!

Entrance: 5 euro (30 euro including diner)
Start diner: 19:00 hrs.
Start concerts: 21:00 hrs.
Location: www.havenkwartier.org

October 17, 2008: ACSH #4 with Machinefabriek, Jan Kleefstra, Soccer Committee, Romke Kleefstra, Wouter van Veldhoven

September 15, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

On the 17th of October, the fourth edition of ass-crack stage-hack brings you three exquisite concerts, preceded by a three course diner in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Piiptsjilling is the wonderful result of the joining between Machinefabriek‘s gritty electronics, the Frisian poetry of Jan Kleefstra and the subtle guitarplaying of Soccer Commitee and Romke Kleefstra.

Machinefabriek delivers releases like they were breadrolls. And practically all of them are top quality.  Piiptsjilling is probably the most beautiful and open collaboration in his catalogue (for now). Minimal guitar sounds get hardly any manipulation; the tones float seemingly unnoticed in and out of the open soundscape. The pitch black poetry of Jan Kleefstra and his understated recitation offer some sort of counterpoint. A yin and yang between tension and space, between what is said and what’s left out. Breathtaking minimalism.

Wouter van Veldhoven creates dusty ambient, experiments influenced by pop music and conceptual soundscapes with the aid of a.o. six taperecorders, melodica, xylophone, guitar and an analogue computer. Old means, new music. Meticulously detailed sounds and simple, but beautiful melodies.

Soccer Committee is the alias of singer-songwriter Mariska Baars. In the last few years, she impressed many with some self-released ep’s (a.o together with Machinefabriek), a cd and astounding live performances. Subtle, modest guitar loops provide the foundation for the intimate vocals of Mariska Baars. Vocals that practically get whispered in your ear. Beauty to cry for.

If you do not only want to treat your ears to a feast, but also want to have your culinairy senses stroked, please join us for a meal! Amateur-caterer and ‘goesting-jockey’ Jean Klare prepares extatic pleasure for the taste buds this evening; a three course diner, including an excellent wine selection, for only 23 euro.

You do however need to make a reservation for this culinairy treat. Just send an email to harco@escrec.com. Reservations have to be in on Monday the 13th.

Entrance: 7 euro (30 euro including diner)
Start diner: 19:00 hrs.
Start concerts: 21:00 hrs.
Location: www.havenkwartier.org

August 29, 2008: ACSH #3: Yoshimi! and Toxic Chicken

August 2, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

This third edition of ass-crack stage-hack coinsides with the opening of the expo by Babet Olde Weghuis and Jeroen Diepenmaat in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Yoshimi! released ‘II aka The Cheshire Rat‘ through esc.rec. last year and is finishing the work on his first album right now. He plays pleasantly rambling lofi popsongs, played with a broad variety of instruments, like the cello, conga, guitar, synth, bass, bongo, tarbuka, rababa, harmonium, trumpet, accordeon, drums, ukulele and -let’s not forget- his voice. Yoshimi! doesn’t hide the fact that his sound is greatly influenced by The Magnetic Fields. He performs live with the help of his brother, a drummer and sometimes his grandfather.

Ever since Toxic Chicken released his debut album through esc.rec. last year, his output seems unstoppable… Besides releasing another (free mp3) release through esc.rec. he also released several (free) albums through other labels. His bewildering songs, hectic beats and lofi punk noise eruptions often give a personal glance into the chaotic lifestyle of Toxic Chicken. Due to his unorthodox use of attributes and energetic performance spasms, his live performances are remarkable to say the least!

Entrance: free (thanks to the expo opening)
Opening expo: 20:00 hrs.
Start concerts: 20:30 hrs.
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer

March 7, 2008: ACSH #2 with Eugene Chadbourne vs. Lukas Simonis vs. Gitbas Jodel

March 1, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Friday, March 7 in Havenkwartier Deventer
esc.rec. presents ass-crack stage-hack #2:
Eugene Chadbourne vs. Lukas Simonis vs. Gitbas Jodel

The second edition of ass-crack stage-hack consists of a duel/duet between three extraordinary guitarists. They will improvise several sessions in different collisions/collaborations.

Eugene Chadbourne (USA) is a composer, improviser, guitarist and banjoist with a impressing record of service. He collaborated with John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Jello Biafra, Zu and many others. Once starting out playing rock&roll, Dr. Chadbourne soon started studying other genres, like blues, country, bluegrass, free jazz and noise. He was influenced by the experimental output of Captain Beefheart and The Mothers of Invention early on. Eventually all these influences melted together in this unique Chadbourne style. Eugene Chadbourne is also known as inventor of the ‘electric rake’, an instrument made by attaching a microphone or guitar pick-up to an ordinary lawn rake.

Lukas Simonis (NL) performed at Havenkwartier Deventer twice before: solo and with the notorious formation Coolhaven. After having played in bands like Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W and Morzelpronk he began to focus more on improvisation, making use of all kinds of attributes, ranging from any kind of digital aids to archaic phone amplifiers and hairdryers. It crunches, squelches, squeeks, throbs, peeps, sucks, drills and drowns like no guitar ever sounded. Nowadays Simonis plays a.o. in Apricot My Lady (with Anne La Berge and the Bohman Brothers), Vril (with Bob Drake and Chris Cutler), Coolhaven, The Static Tics (with Henk Bakker) and Liana Flu Winks (with Wilf Plum and Nina Hitz).

Gitbas Jodel (NL), the emperor of the Tearloop a.k.a. the Fret dancer, also performed at Havenkwartier Deventer before: as the guitarplayer of De Bronstgieters, without a doubt the most peculiar band of rammelpoploving Holland. Besides De Bronstgieters, he also supplied the band Hanzasport with sublime guitarwork and subtle lyrics for quite a long time. For many years now this weird bird has been working in secret on perfecting his remarkable guitar technique, for which he once already won the title ‘Best Guitarist’ at the award ceremony of the Grote Prijs van Nederland.

Preceding this exciting spectacle you can enjoy a simple but nutricious meal in Havenkwartier Deventer. Don’t forget to make a reservation trough harco@escrec.com though! Dinner seats are limited.

Entrance: 5 euro (11 euro including dinner)
Start dinner: 19:00 hrs.
Start concert: 21:00 hrs.
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer

February 28, 2008: ACSH #1 with Greg Haines

February 8, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Thursday, February 28 in Havenkwartier Deventer
esc.rec. presents ass-crack stage-hack #1:
Greg Haines (UK)

Slumber Tides, Greg Haines’ debut album, is nothing less than a masterpiece! Beautiful, layered compositions, with room for improvisation and innovation. Searching for a balance between minimalism and boombastic drama. The live performances of this multi-instrumentalist are mostly based on cello, piano and subtle electronics. A definitive must-see for people who appreciate ambient, modern classical, improvisation and electronic experiment.

Convince yourself through www.myspace.com/greghainesmusic.

Preceding this extraordinary concert it is possible to enjoy a delicious Osman buffet in Havenkwartier Deventer. Please don’t forget to make a reservation through harco@escrec.com. Be quick, the number of dinner seats is limited!

This is the first edition of ass-crack stage-hack, a series of events, organized by esc.rec.

Entrance: 5 euro (25 euro including dinner)
Start meal: 19:00 hrs.
Start concert: 21:00 hrs.
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer