October 5, 2014: ACSH #34, THU20 in De Perifeer

September 19, 2014    Ass-crack Stage-hack


(I decided to write this page in Dutch, since it’s about a local event)

Esc.rec. presenteert alweer de 34ste editie van de avontuurlijke concertreeks Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH) met dit keer een zeldzaam optreden van roemrucht elektro-akoestisch improv collectief THU20! Deze editie vindt plaats in thuisbasis De Perifeer, Havenkwartier Deventer.

THU20 bestaat uit Jos Smolders, Roel Meelkop, Peter Duimelinks, Sjak van Bussel en Frans de Waard. Gezien de staat van dienst en (internationale) erkenning van de afzonderlijke leden kan THU20 met recht een ‘supergroep’ genoemd worden in de elektro-akoestische scene. De meesten van hen brachten hun werk o.a. uit via het Esc.rec. label.

Begin jaren 80 begon THU20 als live improv band met wortels in de DIY home tape scene. Het vroege werk doet denken aan NON, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound en Cabaret Voltaire. Later, met het verdwijnen van gitaar, basgitaar en ritmebox, worden avant-garde componisten als Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Pierre Henry en Pierre Schaeffer belangrijker. THU20 treedt al die jaren nauwelijks op, omdat alle leden ook hun eigen projecten hebben. Hun recente dubbel CD ‘Vroeg Werk’ verzamelt vroege live en studio opnamen, en benadrukt hun enorme invloed op de Nederlandse elektronische muziek.

Verwacht een uniek concert en een bijzondere luisterervaring in de intieme setting van De Perifeer. Deze groep van vijf ervaren improvisatoren met omvangrijk instrumentarium (variërend van modulaire synthesizers tot klankschalen) vullen waarschijnlijk ruimschoots de helft van de toch al niet grote ruimte, dus wees op tijd voor een plekje!

Datum: 5 oktober, 2014
Deur open: 14:30
Aanvang: 15:00 (tijdens concert is deur gesloten)
Entree: 10 euro
Locatie: De Perifeer, Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 151, Deventer

UPDATE! Vanwege de verbouwing in het vmDavo gebouw, waar dit concert plaatsvindt, is de entree aan de Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan op dit moment onbruikbaar. Maar jullie zijn van harte welkom bij de zij-ingang in de Noordzeestraat.

June 29, 2014: ACSH #33, Microwolf in De Perifeer

June 29, 2014    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On June 29, Esc.rec. presents edition 33 of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). This edition takes place in homebase De Perifeer in Havenkwartier Deventer.

As Microwolf, Benjamin van Vliet (singer of indie folk band Moi, Le Voisin) explores the boundaries of the singer/songwriter-genre. Accompanying himself on his guitar he laces his music with a capella pieces, field recordings, drones and loops, effectively turning his songs inside out and building melodies from noise.

Listen to his debut album ‘You Are The Everything’, conceived during a road trip through France and written/recorded in an empty swimming pool, a castle and a house.

De Perifeer is really small, it won’t fit more than 30 people. This is great, because it guarantees an intimate setting for a concert. But if you want to make sure there’s room for you, please make a timely reservation by sending an email to harco@escrec.com.

Date: June 29 2014
Doors open: 14:30 hrs.
Start: 15:00 hrs.
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: De Perifeer, Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 151, Deventer

June 1, 2014: ACSH #32 (junior) with Goslink + Muziek Raken in Dok H2o

April 24, 2014    Ass-crack Stage-hack


Esc.rec. presents the 32th edition of Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). This is also the fourth junior edition. The ACSH junior editions provide a fun and challenging line-up for both children and adults. Now for the first time on location at Dok H2o in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Visual artist and singer/songwriter Harm Goslink Kuiper builds his own instruments; guitars, banjos and other stringed instruments from fruit box wood, fish oil cans, door thresholds, demolition wood, canvas, a salad bowl and more. The sound and character of these instruments  is reminiscent of instruments from the 20s. Each instrument tells its own story. Just like each song does.

In the picturesque album ‘Stil Leven’ all Harm’s artistic disciplines come together as a harmonious whole. Something he had been seeking for years. ‘Stil Leven’ is a loving album full of musical and lyrical (Dutch) works of art. Recently he made an album of children’s songs about pieces from the art collection of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

For this performance he brings a lot of self-built instruments and a bass player who will play his self-built double bass.

We kick off this special ACSH edition with a series of short performances by a number of orchestra’s formed by primary school pupils from the Sine Limite verrijkingsgroep. These performances are the result of ‘Muziek raken’, a project developed for these pupils by Marloes Bloemenkamp and myself.

Afterwards you are free to enjoy a lovely meal at Dok H2o!

Date: June 1, 2014
Doors open: 15:30
Start: 16:00
Entrance: 5 euro (buy your tickets here)
Location: Dok H2o

April 5, 2014: ACSH #31, Het Langspeelorkest

March 15, 2014    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On April 5, Esc.rec. presents edition 31 of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). This is also the first edition taking place in homebase De Perifeer in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Het Langspeelorkest comes to play two short sets for us. This two-person orchestra (Maartje Kaper and Simone Zacharias) combines the sound of the 20’s with impossible instruments and tries to recreate the atmosphere of the original recordings (78s) in a live performance. Het Langspeelorkest uses traditional instruments like the guitar, violin and banjo, but also toys, a gramophone horn, a cooking timer, nose flutes, kazoos, drums and whatnot. And last but not least they use a broad range of self invented vocal techniques to mimic the songs as they were recorded years ago…

The entrance is free(!) and is part of LOS, an open day with lots of other supernice activities going on in Havenkwartier Deventer. Including The Diamond Exchange and a microbuffet by Goestingjockey Jean Klare, also hosted by Esc.rec. in De Perifeer… Find more info here and come check it out. Well worth it!

Date: 5 April 2014
Start: 16:00 ánd 18:00 hrs.
Entrance: free!
Location: De Perifeer, Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 151, Deventer

January 26, 2014: ACSH #30, Paolo Angeli

January 14, 2014    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On January 26, Esc.rec. presents edition 30 of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). This is also the first edition taking place in Theater Bouwkunde.

Eighteen strings, small hammers, propellers, springs, separate outputs for each string and everyday objects form the basis of free improvisation. Paolo Angeli employs all of these elements to produce layered sounds on his modified ‘orchestra’ guitar. The result is an ever-changing portrait where – in real time – remnants can be found of ‘canto a chitarra’, Tasgia choirs, free jazz, punk noise, drum & bass and avant pop. A creative blend of tradition and innovation in a poetic discourse between melody and sound.

Guitarist Paolo Angeli hails from Sardinia, where a unique tradition of improvisation between singer and guitarist exists. The sound of the Sardinian guitar is poised between that of the folk guitar and the acoustic bass. Angeli has done extensive research into the possibilities of the instrument, and enhanced the original guitar with a tangled multiplicity of modifications. Angeli plays with both feet on six pedals, controlling small hammer elements giving rhythmic impulses to the individual strings. Angeli strums his instrument, but also plays it with a bow, combined with electronic devices. All with uncanny virtuosity.

It has been 7 years since I last booked Paolo Angeli for a show in Deventer. That was even before I started the Ass-crack Stage-hack series. And it was really impressive, so I’m thrilled that he’s agreed to come back for more, after all this time!

Date: 26 January 2014
Start: 16:00 hrs.
Entrance: 10 euro
Location: Theater Bouwkunde, Klooster 2-4, Deventer

December 30, 2013: ACSH #29 with De Bubbelebim

December 18, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On December 30, Esc.rec. presents the 29th edition of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH) in Filmhuis De Keizer.

As part of the Humorfestival 2013, Esc.rec. invited De  Bubbelebim. De Bubbelebim is an absurdist (anti) literary performance stage theater viduo from Rotterdam. Professius T. Taal and Sim Sala Bubbelebim write stories and poems, do performances and the last few years they especially make comical video work. The films of De Bubbelebim usually derail, are often a commentary on the film medium itself, are full of language virtuosity and are characterized by a great do-it-yourself mentality.

In ‘Hopelijk Hilarisch’ (Hopefully Hilarious) De Bubbelebim presents a collection of absurdist comedy movie theater cabaret in a hopefully hilarious way! With a.o. the making of an idea for a film, a proposal for a performance, jamming doors and a clear explanation of the incomprehensible, De Bubbelebim shows us a keen selection of their rich oeuvre.

Date: 30 December 2013
Start: 20:30 hrs.
Entrance: 10 euro (8 euro for members)
Location: Filmhuis De Keizer, Keizerstraat 78, Deventer

November 3, 2013: ACSH #27 with Peter Fengler

October 22, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


The 27th edition of Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH) is also the first edition in Kunstenlab. Loyal ACSH visitors might recognize Peter Fengler as a member of Coolhaven, the collective that presented us with some extraordinary radio plays in earlier editions. But this time he’s in Deventer for something else …

On the occasion of the exhibition of Koen Taselaar in Kunstenlab, Peter Fengler showcases exclusive vinyl releases of THE PLAYER combined with a lecture on research and (re)production of in-house cut audiographics.

Koen Taselaar is known for his drawings of album covers of non existing bands. Mostly in black/white with strong graphic shapes. Especially for Kunstenlab Koen Taselaar builds an installation, entitled A Lemon Looking For A Gin.

Peter Fengler is co-founder of THE PLAYER and visual artist, performer, musician and organizer. He exhibits at home and abroad with objects, installations, printing, sound works, plays and performances, international acts in clubs, at festivals, in museums and galleries and is a musician/performer in companies such as Coolhaven and Poolmongool. Peter Fengler releases his own (in-house cut) vinyl releases on the Ultra Hobby Complex (UHC) label.

THE PLAYER is a flexible platform in Rotterdam whose activities take place at the intersection of performative art, experimental music and visual arts. In addition to live performances THE PLAYER also produces vinyl oriented sound recordings in limited editions. The interdisciplinarity, graphic packaging and position of sound and sound carrier (vinyl) as a medium in art and experimental sound, are essential.

In terms of materiality records are complex graphic objects. Cutting a record is literally graphic. You take something away, creating a groove that forms a (sound) image. This process is not reserved for high fidelity only. The medium (the record) offers endless possibilities to ‘cut’ the sound, to apply generation loss, to deform it more or less, to generate sound by digging in the material. The record is not necessarily a carrier that must represent an original; it is sound in itself, an instrument. Fengler is on a quest for sound that represents itself.

Date: 3 November 2013
Start: 15:00 hrs.
Entrance: free!
Location: Kunstenlab, Laboratoriumplein 1, Deventer

October 21, 2013: ACSH #26, Kevin Toma + Anne Bakker

June 5, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On October 21, Esc.rec. presents the 26th edition of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). The second edition taking place in Filmhuis De Keizer.

In The Lodger, loosely based on the story of Jack the Ripper, a workers family is faced with a very creepy and potentially dangerous tenant. Is he the man who stabs young blond ladies every Tuesday? And what to do when the daughter of the house falls in love with him?

The Lodger (1927) has a leading roll for the then very popular actor Ivor Novello, but now mostly speaks to the imagination as one of Hitchcock’s first films. A must-see! Composer Kevin Toma and violinist Anne Bakker provide this movie with a new, live and chillingly beautiful soundtrack. With samples, soundscapes and strange sounds Toma and Bakker emphasize the atmosphere of doom. Violin and Hitchcock… a classic thriller combination!

Kevin Toma is a long standing creator of fresh, innovative and accessible scores for silent films. He is also a film critic for De Volkskrant and De Gelderlander.

Anne Bakker plays the violin in many different ensembles and projects. She tours with the trio of former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley and plays Turkish oriented music with the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble, just to name a few… She is also working on a solo project in which she sings and plays the viola simultaneously.

Date: 21 October 2013
Start: 20:30 hrs.
Entrance: 10 euro (8 euro for members)
Location: Filmhuis De Keizer, Keizerstraat 78, Deventer

September 22, 2013: ACSH #25, Kevin Toma + Jeroen Diepenmaat

June 4, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


On September 22, Esc.rec. presents the 25th edition of the Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). This is also the first edition taking place in Filmhuis De Keizer. And it is certainly not the last, because three more editions in Filmhuis De Keizer are already planned for the remainder of 2013.

Kevin Toma and Jeroen Diepenmaat created a new, exciting but modest soundtrack for Chantal Akerman‘s Hotel Monterey (1972). An experimental, silent documentary that wanders through a rundown hotel in New York like a ghost or stray visitor. Occasionally a guest appears in front of the camera or we see men and women, motionless in their dim suite. Mainly because of the long wanderings through the corridors, doors that secretly open, light that shines through keyholes and empty elevators, the film breathes a melancholy, ghostly atmosphere. Swayed by that atmosphere, Toma and Diepenmaat create thrilling soundscapes and play live piano, making Hotel Monterey a place where time petrifies and the spectator may never want to leave.

Kevin Toma is a long standing creator of fresh, innovative and accessible scores for silent films. He is also a film critic for De Volkskrant and De Gelderlander.

Jeroen Diepenmaat is a visual artist with a passion for sound. In his sculptures, installations and performances, he explores in a playful and analogue manner the relationship between sound and image.

Date: 22 September 2013
Start: 16:15 hrs.
Entrance: 10 euro (8 euro for members)
Location: Filmhuis De Keizer, Keizerstraat 78, Deventer

June 8, 2013: ACSH #24 (junior): Der Wexel & Weerthof + Vang!

May 12, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


After a long line of Ass-crack Stage-hacks (ACSH) in Havenkwartier Deventer, this is the first edition taking place in Burgerweeshuis. And it’s another junior edition! The junior editions of ACSH are specifically targeting an audience of both children and adults.

Der Wexel & Weerthof
Wessel ‘Der Wexel‘ Westerveld creates sound producing mechanical installations. In this edition of ACSH he plays his Intonarumori and Sound By Sculpture installation. The Intonarumori are reconstructions of the soundmachines by futurist Luigi Russolo and have names like Ululatore (howler), Ronzatore (buzzer) en Crepitatore (crackler). They are reconstructed using photographs, sketches, descriptions and old sound clips. The original instruments were lost in World War II. It’s a special treat to be able to listen to these machines again, plus they look amazing!

Michiel van de Weerthof also develops his own instruments. Hence we can now also listen to the ‘Pompenorgel’ (a combination of organ pipes and air mattress pumps), modified Vuvuzela and other homebrewn objects. Weerthof feels perfectly at home in the abstract sound world of Der Wexel, and worked with him before. But he also excels in producing soundtracks and catchy pop songs. A Weerthof EP release on Esc.rec. is imminent.

The trio Vang! consists of Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Marije Nie and Janne Eraker. Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva is a gifted bass player, who also fronted the band Stöma in the previous ACSH. He is devoted to his bass guitar and uses it in combination with bow, sampling and various effects to elicit the weirdest of sounds and delicious grooves. Marije Nie and Janne Eraker are both experienced tap dancers, who can rightfully call their feet fully fledged musical instruments. The three individual members of this trio all have an impressive track record and surface in countless really cool projects. As the Vang! trio they present a – both musically and visually – dazzling tapconcert.

Muziek raken
We kick off this special ACSH edition with a series of short performances by a number of orchestra’s formed by primary school pupils from the Sine Limite verrijkingsgroep. These performances are the result of ‘Muziek raken’, a project developed for these pupils by Marloes Bloemenkamp and myself.

This edition of ACSH is supported by Jeannette Hollaar Fund.

Date: June 8, 2013
Doors open: 14:30
Start: 15:00
Entrance: 7 euro
Location: Burgerweeshuis
Get your tickets here!

March 24, 2013: ACSH #23 with Guido Möbius and Stöma

March 13, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


In this 23rd edition of ass-crack stage-hack, Esc.rec. presents two adventurous sunday-afternoon concerts by Guido Möbius and Stöma.

Guido Möbius is a multi-instrumentalist from Berlin with a preference for rugged grooves, polyrhythmic percussion patterns and constantly changing harmonies.

Stöma is a funkrocking avantgarde trio from Rotterdam, consisting of Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva (bass guitar, electronics, vocals), eNi-LeSs (turntablism) and Wouter van Wijk (drums).

This ass-crack stage-hack is realized with financial contributions by the City of Deventer and Esc.rec. and is kindly hosted by DokH2o, who is currently temporarily using the venue.

Date: March 24, 2013
Doors open: 14:30
Start: 15:00
Entrance: 8 euro
Location: vmDavo in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (entrance Scheepvaartstraat)

March 10, 2013: ACSH #22 Live radio play by Coolhaven

March 4, 2013    Ass-crack Stage-hack


In this 22nd edition of ass-crack stage-hack you can listen to the old fashioned radio play ‘De terugkeer van de Ectoplasmaplaneet’ in an archaic setting, performed live by Coolhaven and their guest Ilse Froklage.

The bizarro* radio play ‘De terugkeer van de Ectoplasmaplaneet’ is the second part in a trilogy. The first part ‘De Planeet van de Oeroude Kinderen’ was played at ACSH#17. The people who attended the first part were blown away and specifically requested to also book the other two parts when they came out. So here’s part two! Also suited for people who haven’t seen part 1 of course!

Coolhaven is a flexible group that flows in a realistic-kapitalistic way where it is needed and dries up where moisture is unnecessary. Since about 1999, Coolhaven is active in all directions: performances, movies, rock music, radio plays, theater and very dry, hermetic art. Anything goes. Coolhaven consists of Hajo Doorn, Peter Fengler and Lukas Simonis.

* Bizarro is a literary (non) genre that has strict rules. 1) At the base should be a cheap tasteless idea, something that you think in the pub after the twelfth round, that gets meticulously & intrinsically elaborated on. But beware, the bad taste in it must be really good bad taste. 2) It’s good bad taste to give Satan, the Nazis or Saddam Hussein a cameo (or key roll).  3) Names of the main characters, situations and overall inspiration come from a balanced menu of high and low culture.  4) The universe is as unstable as the medium.  5) At the end of the story the world ends, or even better, the universe.

This ass-crack stage-hack is realized with financial contributions by the City of Deventer and Esc.rec. and is kindly hosted by DokH2o, who is currently temporarily using the venue.

Date: March 10, 2013
Doors open: 20:00
Start: 20:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: vmDavo in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (entrance Scheepvaartstraat)

June 24, 2012: ACSH#21 (junior) with Stijn and Bertin

June 11, 2012    Ass-crack Stage-hack

After a very successful first junior edition of ass-crack stage-hack last year, esc.rec. finally organizes the second junior edition of this adventurous concert seriess. Suitable for children (of all ages) ánd adults alike. The perfect counterpart to the K3 formula.

Stijn, the popular Belgian electro-funk producer, comes with an impeccable live reputation. He has played at many minor and mayor festivals and venues by now. But Stijn was never in Deventer before! With his infectious enthusiasm he gets any room to sing along in three different languages on a sweat saturated dancefloor. Stijn has that Prince Sign O’ The Times style going on: danceable pop songs with a drum machine as a base, a grooving bassline and vintage synthesizers. The voice of Stijn has soul. And together with the virtuoso drum machines and synths he gets hands and feet together with ease.

As Stijn can also be found in the ranks of Kapitein Winokio, the Flemish Robin Hood of children’s music, we dared to ask him for this junior edition of ass-crack stage-hack. We are delighted that he has prepared a unique solo performance, especially for this show in Deventer! Do not miss this!

Bertin van Vliet graduated from art academy with pop-art paintings and unrecognizable portraits of famous actors. Today Bertin mainly composes songs and does solo performances with his electronic improvisation music. Inspired by artists like Ween, Beck, John Frusciante, Bertin began recording his own lo-fi albums. With the advent of a four-track recorder, a digital minidisc recorder and eventually the computer, things got slightly out of hand. Bertin produced numerous tapes and CDR albums, released on numerous labels or in-house. As a lo-fi artist Bertin can be categorized somewhere between experimental electronic music and tasty pop songs. For this live performance he is going to improvise with Casio keyboards.

Earlier this day Bertin will also give a Casiophonic workshop for young and old (10 years and older).

Children’s orchestra
We start this special ass-crack stage-hack at 15:30 hrs. with a series of short performances (2 minutes max.) by a number of orchestra’s formed by primary school pupils from the Sine Limite verrijkingsgroep. These performances are the result of ‘Muziek raken’, a project developed for these pupils by Marloes Bloemenkamp and myself.

This junior edition of ass-crack stage-hack is financially supported by the municipality of Deventer.

Date: June 24, 2012
Doors open: 15:00
Start: 15:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (entrance Scheepvaartstraat)
Get your tickets here

March 18, 2012: ACSH#20 with Celer & Machinefabriek + Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra

January 25, 2012    Ass-crack Stage-hack

In the 20th(!) edition of the adventurous concert series ass-crack stage-hack, esc.rec. presents two exquisite, but intense Sunday-afternoon concerts.

Celer & Machinefabriek

Celer used to be a married duo, Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long (Chubby Wolf). Celer self-released numerous handmade objects, made sound for installations and exhibitions, and released work on independent labels in the U.S., Japan and Europe. Unfortunately Danielle Baquet-Long passed away in 2009. Celer has since been continued by Will Long, who currently lives and works in Tokyo. The intent is producing works that reflect the sincere nature and importance of love, the impermanence of life, and the spirit of togetherness, through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.

In this concert Celer collaborates with Machinefabriek. Rutger Zuydervelt started working as Machinefabriek in 2004. Except for a few piano and guitar lessons when he was young, Rutger didn’t study music. Instead, he graduated as a graphic designer. The sleeves of his releases are practically always designed by Rutger himself, which is a crucial part of the music. Machinefabriek’s music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. His pieces unfold as ‘films without image’, with a sharp ear for detail.

Machinefabriek has an excellent live reputation and performed once before at an earlier ass-crack stage-hack. That was a very impressive concert and this collaboration with Celer promises nothing less.


Jan and Romke Kleefstra performed at earlier ass-crack stage-hacks too. But never before incombination with Anne Chris Bakker.

Jan and Romke Kleefstra mix poetry, music and video in a spatial and melancholic manner which originated in the empty menless landscape of Friesland. The fragments tell about the sensory experience of living in the land between the lakes and nearby sea. The music always arises ‘instantly’ during free improvisations. Several albums have been published of the collaborations of Jan and Romke. Those albums are all accompanied by a booklet with the poems in original Frisian and English translation.

With guitarist Anne Chris Bakker they soon release the LP “Griis” on the English Low Point, a comprised version of the music they played during their tour in Tokyo, Japan in 2010.

Date: March 18, 2012
Doors open: 15:00
Start: 15:30
Entrance: presale 5 euro, door 8 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (rear entrance)

Order your tickets here.

February 17, 2012: ACSH#19 Lomechanik labelnight

January 12, 2012    Ass-crack Stage-hack

The 19th edition of ass-crack stage-hack. On February 17 Lomechanik is our guest at WILLIE in Havenkwartier Deventer. Lomechanik is the friendly, high quality label from Nijmegen (remember this?). En they bring a whole array of Lomechanik artists with them.

With Sam A La Bamalot (who also released tracks through esc.rec. by the way), RaadselKijk Een SterTerugklapJorg and oXane (also released tracks through esc.rec.) this will be a night to remember. But don’t take my word for it, just click their names and listen to some of their tracks. Especially if you’re into phat beats and dito sounds, this night cannot be missed. Seriously. It’s a line-up filled to the brim with promises for the future. In a few years you’ll say: “What? All this on ONE night? No way! And for free? Whacky!”

Oh yes. You read that right. Due to a special art project at WILLIE earlier that night, there is no entrance fee for this event. So all you cheapskates are welcome too ;)

Date: February 17, 2012
Doors open: 17:00
Start: 22:00
Entrance: free!!
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (rear entrance)

December 4, 2011: ACSH #18 Special edition about Dick Raaijmakers

November 7, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Like said before, composer and theatre maker Dick Raaijmakers is to receive the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2011 for his entire oeuvre. The award ceremony takes place in the Bergkerk Church in Deventer on 10 November 2011, and will be celebrated with a Raaijmakers exhibition which will run until 4 December 2011.

On the last day of this exhibition, esc.rec. organizes a special 18th edition of ass-crack stage-hack with a complementary program about Dick Raaijmakers at WILLIE in Havenkwartier Deventer. You can attend this program after your visit to the exhibition in the Bergkerk Church; WILLIE opens at 15:00 hrs.

Starting at 15:30 with a screening of the film ‘Op zoek naar een vergeten toepassing – A portrait of Dick Raaijmakers by Jacqueline Oskamp‘. Jacqueline Oskamp is also the author of the book ‘Onder Stroom’, in which she vividly describes the history of Dutch electronic music. She is present at the screening, tells us more about Dick Raaijmakers and answers questions if needed.

After you’ve enjoyed a good meal at WILLIE, the program continues with three concerts/performances/installations which have an obvious relation to the work of Dick Raaijmakers. Performing artists are Cathy van Eck, Radboud Mens and Wouter van Veldhoven.

Cathy van Eck is a composer and sound artist. Her work includes compositions for instruments and live-electronics, as well as performances with sound objects, which she often designs herself. She studied composition and electronic music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She performs her works regularly during festivals like Gaudeamus Festival in Amsterdam, TRANSIT in Leuven, NYCEMF in New York, SPARK Festival in Minneapolis, Klangwerkstatt in Berlin, Performance Festival Der Längste Tag in Zurich, Hapzura Digital Art in Israel, Avantgarde Schwaz in Austria and Spaziomusica in Italy. She is currently doing a doctoral degree at the Orpheusinstitute in Ghent and University of Leiden in the DocARTES Program, her dissertation subject is Loudspeakers and Microphones as Musical Instruments. Since March 2007 she has a teaching position at the department for music and media arts of the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland.

Cathy van Eck is going to perform ‘Song No 3’ for us. Extensive documentation of ‘Song No 3’ can be found here.

Radboud Mens has been a sound-artist since the mid-eighties and is now living & working in Rotterdam. In 1988 he started creating audio-installations and noise-machines. As Hyware and Technoise he has done numerous noise-performances, standing-wave performances and concerts. Since 1997 he also started making music using his own name and has released a lot of vinyl and CD albums on many different labels like Staalplaat, Mutek and Touch. On labels like Audio-NL and Vynalogica he did a series of minimal-techno 12 inches. Together with Dan Armstrong he is the founder of the ERS label. He also was a dj for the Amsterdam free radio station Radio 100, where he did a show entitled “Earbitten”, for 16 years; between 1986 and 2003.

Radboud Mens will play one of his installations for us, in which he controls three guitars simultaneously by making them resonate to sinewaves from his computer.

Wouter van Veldhoven was a guest in one of the previous ass-crack stage-hacks, some years back. Using reel-to-reel tape recorders, home-build music machines, cassette walkmans and toy instruments he creates musical oddities. Meticulously detailed sounds and simple, but beautiful melodies. Currently he’s building new instruments from second hand junk (like a prepared toy piano, modified taperecorders, automated violins and circuit-bend cassette walkmans). These instruments are gradually showcased in his new performances… He has released his music through Staalplaat, Digitalis and Eat This Media and frequently collaborates with the likes of Greg Haines and Machinefabriek.

All in all this is an extremely impressive line-up in my opinion! And a well deserved tribute to Dick Raaijmakers, especially when consumed together with the Raaijmakers exhibition in the Bergkerk. A day equally interesting for Dick Raaijmakers experts ánd for people who are not yet familiar with his inspiring work and the impact it had and still has on other artists and electronic music in general.

Havenkwartier Deventer is a 10 minute walk from the Bergkerk Church and parking is free.

This ass-crack stage-hack is realized with financial contributions by the City of Deventer, Foundation Havenkwartier and Esc.rec.

Date: December 4, 2011
Doors open: 15:00
Start: 15:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (rear entrance)

October 30, 2011: ACSH #17 Live radio play by Coolhaven

October 6, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

In this 17th edition of ass-crack stage-hack you can listen to the old fashioned radio play ‘De Planeet van de Oeroude Kinderen’ in an archaic setting, performed live by Coolhaven.

Coolhaven is a flexible group that flows in a realistic-kapitalistic way where it is needed and dries up where moisture is unnecessary. Since about 1999, Coolhaven is active in all directions: performances, movies, rock music, radio plays, theater and very dry, hermetic art. Anything goes. Coolhaven consists of Hajo Doorn, Peter Fengler and Lukas Simonis. Fortunately, they have something to say about themselves:

Hajo Doorn: “I myself love playing with attraction and repulsion. Trying to lure people in only to kick ‘m down later. That does not always work. Sometimes you notice that people are struggling. In our performances it’s all about confusing the audience so much, that at some point they can’t tell whether what we are doing is intended or not, or whether something is good or not. It requires a kind of virtuosity to give the public the idea that there is real craftsmanship in our actions, without being able to define exactly where. Every audience is looking for a satisfying moment. And we want them to be satisfied, but not in the way they know. We want to loosen them – yes, ambitious – and create a new framework. Within this new framework we feed them with good things or nothing at all.”

Peter Fengler: “The audience… there is a part that drops out and that is disappointing. But the part that isn’t deterred slowly enters another realm, where little guidance is offered. Some go home with a kind of doubt about whether that experience was something or nothing. The part that doesn’t care much for security is less troubled by this.”

Lukas Simonis: “An important feature is chaos, the refusal to reassure the customer, which we could if we wanted to. We provide no safety nets. We almost never make unstratified things. If you are experiencing a performance by Coolhaven you can be sure that there’s a tipping point in there somewhere.”

The bizarro radio play ‘De Planeet van de Oeroude Kinderen’ consists of three parts. Lyrically this play has some explicit content, which may not be entirely suitable for young children.

This ass-crack stage-hack is realized with financial contributions by the City of Deventer, Foundation Havenkwartier and Esc.rec.

Date: October 30, 2011
Doors open: 15:00
Start: 20:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (rear entrance)

September 11, 2011: ACSH #16 (junior edition) with Loop The Balloon and Heug

August 23, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Oh yeah! The 16th ass-crack stage-hack is the very first JUNIOR edition of this adventurous concert series! An edition suited for children (of all ages) ánd adults. Nothing childish, expect challenging music in the line of previous editions of ass-crack stage-hack.

Loop The Balloon
Wherever there’s a party, there’s balloons. And wherever there’s balloons there’s Loop The Balloon! A unique act by multi instrumentalist and professional (jazz)drummer Jeroen Elfferich. That you don’t need sophisticated equipment to make beat driven music is best illustrated by this balloon hero. Using different kind of balloons and a loopstation he builds a groove, layer by layer. Besides performances at several small festivals and venues he also played Lowlands and Mysteryland, two of Holland’s biggest festivals. And since his smashing performance in Holland’s Got Talent, he’s also a regular TV celebrity.

Heug is Jan Schellink and Danibal. They improvise complete performances and have been described as “stand up musicians”. Or as Kindamuzik once wrote: “Heug is a cross between a comedy act and a serious sound performance”. Spontaneity and improv is key for this duo. Schellink is one of Utrechts most adventurous musicians and plays practically everything. Jewish harp virtuoso  Danibal yodels, sings and growls. Armed with loop-pedals, a suitcase full of jewish harps, trombone, bass guitar and evryting else within reach at the time.

Date: September 11, 2011
Doors open: 15:30
Start: 16:00
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (entrance Scheepvaartstraat)

July 17, 2011: ACSH #15 with Paul de Jong, Bart Folmer

June 29, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Just like with the previous ass-crack stage-hack opportunity came knocking and esc.rec. opted for hosting yet another EXTRA ass-crack stage-hack in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Paul de Jong, classically trained cello player and half of the renowned American duo The Books is in The Netherlands and gladly returns to the city of Deventer. He was here a few years ago to compose a piece about Okkenbroek and perform this composition at the Herfsttonen festival there. He was invited by esc.rec. for this project and it resulted in an audience moved to tears and a contribution to the Herfsttonen release (listen to it here). This time he comes over to improvise on cello, especially for us. Pure enjoyment awaits you here, you just have to show up!

If Bart Folmer is DJ-ing he usually does so under his Radion moniker and wastes no time letting the audience know it is time to shake their booty. This time however, Bart shows us his sensitive, melancholy side. Expect anything ranging from modern classical and minimal music to singer/songwriter and subtle, melodious electronica. Lean back and let yourself drift off into bliss.

Date: July 17, 2011
Start: 15:00 hrs.
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer

June 25, 2011: ACSH #14 with Yan Jun, Roel Meelkop, BMB con., Dennis de Bel + introduction by John Heymans

June 8, 2011    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Opportunity knocked, so esc.rec. organizes/improvises this extra(!) ass-crack stage-hack in June. Yan Jun just so happens to be in The Netherlands (for Poetry International). Besides poetry he also makes music and – together with Roel Meelkop and BMB con. – he comes to Havenkwartier Deventer to perform for us on Saturday, June 25.

Yan Jun was born in Lanzhou in Northwest China and studied Chinese literature at the university there. Besides being a poet, he’s a hub in the Chinese electronic music scene and founder of the influential labels Kwanjin and SubJam, where he releases his own music and the work of other Chinese artists. He organizes musical events, gives concerts in China and abroad, and he writes critical essays on music.

Roel Meelkop is one of the Dutch pioneers of experimental electronics. He released his impressive oeuvre through many quality labels, esc.rec. included. Meelkop is also part of several groundbreaking groups such as GOEM, Kapotte Muziek, Zèbra and THU20, together with some other important players in Dutch experimental electronica, like Frans de Waard, Jos Smolders and Peter Duimelinks.

BMB con. are the most mysterious sound and performance collective to be found in The Netherlands. For this performance BMB con. is Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus. A BMB con. performance consists for a large part of improvisation: action, re-action and interaction. Because BMB con. build up an audio/visual system especially for each space, each performance is unique. People from Deventer may have encountered Justin Bennett’s work in the recent exhibition ‘Sporen’ in Kunstenlab, Deventer.

This experimental evening will be introduced by John Heymans, a specialist in early electronic music. His introduction could provide a useful reference or context when listening to these artists and experimental electronic music in general.

UPDATE: It seems that Dennis de Bel has made a last minute surprise decision to tag along. So he might be present here too. Chech here for one of his latest works.

Date: June 25, 2011
Doors open: 20:00 hrs.
Start: 20:30 hrs.
Entrance: 5 euro
Location: Havenkwartier Deventer