Esc.rec. is a small, critically acclaimed record label for adventurous music, founded in 2004 by Harco Rutgers in Deventer, NL. Quality standards are high and musical preferences broad.

Esc.rec. supported -and still supports- a variety of related events. That included a longrunning concert series named Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH) with 55 editions over 9 years. But all Esc.rec. related concerts are now organized and/or hosted by affiliated venue De Perifeer, a platform for music, art, performance and experiment. You’ll find the archive of all ACSH concerts overhere.

Distribution and shopping

Find Esc.rec. releases via these channels (and many, many more):
Bandcamp (mailorder (ships from NL), downloads and streaming, complete catalogue)
Squidco (US mailorder and store, selected releases)
Tobira Records (Japan mailorder and store, selected releases)
Art into Life (Japan mailorder and store, selected releases)
Soundohm (mailorder (ships from Italy), selected releases)
De Perifeer (Esc.rec.’s home base, all physical releases straight from the source)
Underbelly (mailorder (ships from NL) and mobile store, selected releases)
Norman Records (UK mailorder and store, selected releases)
Plato/Concerto (NL mailorder and stores, selected releases)
Consouling Sounds (Belgian mailorder and store, selected releases)
Spotify (streaming, selected releases)
Boomkat (downloads, selected releases)
Bleep (downloads, selected releases)
Beatport (downloads, selected releases)

Esc.rec. releases are digitally distributed by The Orchard to all relevant streaming/download platforms and several online stores.

When mailordering releases directly (via Bandcamp) your order goes out as quickly as possible. However, please understand that Esc.rec. is a one-man show, so it could take a few days (and a bit longer when away on holiday).

If for some reason you need alternate ways to order than the methods offered above, please send an email with your order to


Esc.rec. listens to everything that comes in, even though it might take some time to do so. But – this is very important!!! – please do some research on the label before you send your proposal, so we don’t waste each other’s time. Apparently you are not the only one who would like to release here, which is why the Esc.rec. release schedule is incredibly overcrowded with amazing projects. This is a good thing of course, but there is obviously a downside: chances are slim to none that we can make your project fit in, even when it’s a perfect fit for the label artistically. Consider yourself warned and cautiously invited at the same time.

This may seem self-evident, but Esc.rec. only releases music that passes the very personal quality control of the label founder, owner and sole staff member: Harco Rutgers. It is also a requirement to get the distinct feeling that a release on Esc.rec. is really helping you as an artist, because every release is a lot of hard work.

Demos (and gifts or bribes) can be mailed to If you do, please also give some clue as to who you are, where you’re from, etc.


Most of the releasing artists on Esc.rec. also perform live. Please send any questions you might have to and De Perifeer will gladly assist you in your quest for excellent bookings.