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Title: Remixes
Artist: Transfolmer
Available formats: Free download
Catalog#: esc.rec.24

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01 Nude (Radiohead remixed by Transfolmer) (2.59)
02 To Lynch (Ontayso remixed by Transfolmer) (2.59)
03 The Bird Inside (Vocals by Lido Pimienta) (7.24)
04 Soft (Transfolmer remixed by Billie V) (3.01)
05 Affraid Of Falling (Billie V remixed by Transfolmer) (3.45)
06 To Begin With The Rest (Transfolmer collaboration with Daeve) (2.59)
07 In And Out The City (Ikeda Toshitaka remixed by Transfolmer) (5.13)
08 From Dark Matter (Von Zendolf remixed by Transfolmer) (4.52)
09 Confide In Me (Transfolmer collaboration with Daeve) (3.58)


All tracks recorded and mixed by Transfolmer
Artwork by Liesbeth Kok
Design by Harco Rutgers

View the Creative Commons License (BY/NC/SA) that applies to this work.

Many thanks go to Ikeda Toshitaka, Lido Pimienta, Billie V, Daeve, Von Zendolf (still a mystery), Radiohead (for letting me release the remix), Jan Folmer for bass foundation, Harco Rutgers for supporting this release and Liesbeth Kok for the coverart.

Press release

This release is a compilation of tracks Transfolmer has made together with or inspired by artists he met online (mostly on myspace). A collection of remixes if you will. And a fine collection at that. Melancholy oozes out of every song (again). All new influences, sounds and voices on this release enrich and replenish Transfolmer’s sound. Leaving you with a warm (and free) soundtrack for the fall.


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