POKE 20 release coming up…

September 29, 2009    News


In October esc.rec. and ON present an empty(!) cd, named POKE 20. Weird? Maybe…

Twenty-two musicians from around the globe have contributed their remix of Monty On The Run (the C64 Orchestra version). Ontwerpatelier designed a poster, remixing artwork supplied by the remixers. Poster and cd are both silk-screened and together they make a nice piece of art in a limited edition of 200 copies.

All artists CC-licensed their work for this project, making it possible to create a new way of music distribution. You are free to download all the remixes and distribute them as you see fit. In fact we’ll make this as easy as possible (including torrents and the whole shabam). Nothing new so far.

But you can also buy the limited artwork and burn your downloaded tracks on the (empty) cd. Because we at esc.rec. and ON know there are still quite a few people out there who can appreciate good artwork with their music, but also realize that downloading music for free is common practice today.

Check out the making of POKE 20 on flickr.

More POKE 20.

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