August 9, 2009: Slowlands festival and ACSH #7

July 6, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Esc.rec. presents a luscious, long ass-crack stage-hack at Slowlands festival in Havenkwartier Deventer. With poetic electronica by Mia Mia, a cumbia/baile funk/kuduro mixxx by Dr. Auratheft, phat glitch hop by 12 Junkies, a bass-heavy space trip by E.A.R.L, one man trash band Ottoboy, a dj set for connaisseurs by Bram vd Oever (Gluid), and the tropical fever by Cette Truc. You’ll find the most adventurous line-up of Slowlands in the showroom of Bella Maccina!


Check the complete (and very, very nice!!) programme and all other info at I’m personally also very much looking forward to seeing Loney Dear, Michael Fakesch & Tapprik Sweeze, Radion and Fata.

5 thoughts on “August 9, 2009: Slowlands festival and ACSH #7”

  1. het zag er vriendelij krelaxt en vooral super gezellig leuk en cool uit!
    volgend jaar moet en zal ik er bij zijn!! :-)

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