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Rudi Claessens at Radio Centraal in Antwerp discovered esc.rec. recently. Last week he did a 4 hour special on Lukas Simonis, which also featured Apricot My Lady‘s Newly Refurbished And Tussock Moth.

Today, starting at 17.oo hrs (just minutes away) he gives some special attention to Robert Witt in his show and will play several pieces from Grannittin and Midazolam. You can listen to the live stream at

More shows with esc.rec. material are coming up at Radio Centraal… so stay tuned!

One comment

radio centraal is the best! also check out klokkespijs!
every episode is an hour of music/sounds create in the studio with guest.
no talking and no info just expermentation. :-)

wish there was a radio station like that in holland!

Comment by kai on June 24, 2009