Toekomstvisie Deventer 2030 in Kunstenlab

June 4, 2009    News

June 13 – June 28: Toekomstvisie Deventer 2030 in Kunstenlab.


A selection of creative professionals (Loes Ten Anscher, Ben Droste, Studio Groen+Schild, Aukje Grouwstra, Jean Klare, Maarten Heijkamp, Cecile Reijnders, John Patrick Nijkamp and me) was invited by the city of Deventer to show their vision of the future (year 2030) of Deventer. I’m presenting my Toekomstmuziek Deventer 2030 project, which is to be released by esc.rec.

The opening is Friday June 12, 20.00 hrs. Which sadly means I can’t be there, because I’m here… and have not yet fully mastered the trick of bilocality. The mayor of Deventer, A. Heidema, opens this exhibition.

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