Robert Witt – Midazolam (tracks 8-13)

May 5, 2009    esc.rec.23, Releases


Title: Midazolam
Artist: Robert Witt
Format: CD-r (in handmade digipak), download
Catalog#: esc.rec.23

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Click here for a download of Midazolam (tracks 1-7)


08 (7.45)
09 (5.44)
10 (4.48)
11 (9.46)
12 (7.30)
13 (5.20)


All tracks recorded and mixed by Robert Witt
Design by Harco Rutgers
Click here to view the Creative Commons License (BY/NC/SA) that applies to this work.

Press release

First of all you should realize that this release is not complete without Midazolam (tracks 1-7). Luckily you can download it for free! So if you haven’t already, go get it here.

Midazolam feels slightly darker than ssri, Robert Witt’s previous release. But it can easily be more addictive. Crisp, detailed sounds embedded in a warm, ambient bath of bass, soothing and ominous at the same time. I guess the title kind of says it all…


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