May 8, 2009: ACSH #6 with Apricot My Lady and Robert Witt

April 14, 2009    Ass-crack Stage-hack


Friday, May 8: ass-crack stage-hack #6 in Havenkwartier Deventer.

The sixth edition of ass-crack stage-hack holds a cd presentation by Apricot My Lady, preceded by an exclusive three course diner, prepared by Jean Klare. Robert Witt utilizes the dining sounds as source material for a table concert.

You do however need to make a reservation for the culinairy treat. Just send an email to

Entrance: 5 euro (30 euro including diner)
Start diner and concert Robert Witt: 19:00 hrs.
Start concert Apricot My Lady: 21:00 hrs.
Location: vm Davo building in Havenkwartier Deventer

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