Yoshimi! – Milkshakes at the Pizzeria

April 14, 2009    News

Yoshimi! has got another great album out. Distributed by Tocado Records this time, the home of Harry Merry, Stöma, and many others. I just read this review by Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly that hits it spot-on.

“Music by a guy named Niek, who goes by the name of Yoshimi! was reviewed before when it was released by esc.rec, which has lead to singing to Tocada Records, also the home of Harry Merry. Yoshimi! brings out a big smile on my face. Music that is not necessarily for places like Vital Weekly, as its way to pop based. Niek plays all the instruments and uses recordings from various sources, such as a wedding on Mauritius, Brazilian carnival and almost his entire family singing. Nine relatively short songs, sampled together from all sorts of sources, and with Niek singing. Funny songs, sad songs, played with great care. Its, come to think of it, probably not something that would count as real popmusic, even when its probably way too easy listening for Vital Weekly. But it serves well as an antidote for some of the more serious music that we have around here all the time. Yoshimi! might become the new Dutch version of Felix Kubin, which is probably right what this country needs. (FdW)”

Order Milkshakes at the Pizzeria here.

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