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Gluid – Gluid

Published: January 31, 2006
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Title: Gluid
Artist: Gluid
Available format: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.8

This release is also available via many other download and streaming channels, like Spotify, iTunes, etc. Check this Spotify playlist for many more Esc.rec. releases on Spotify.


01 Bonjour Paris (intro) (2.02)
02 My Brother’s Room (4.37)
03 Ekal Naws (5.47)
04 A Mare’s Nest (4.03)
05 Peeters (7.00)
06 3/4 Song (4.56)
07 Maybe My Fault (5.48)
08 What Mood (3.06)
09 The Boy Killed Himself With A Guitar String (6.22)
10 The Ashtray Is On Fire … siraprioverua … (ortuo) (10.54)


Composed and arranged by Bram v/d Oever. All sounds recorded with microphones, most of them on MiniDisc, by Timon Straatsma. Recorded in 2002, created and manipulated in 2002/2003. Originally mastered by John Alonzo. Second master by Jasper Koekoek. Design by Harco Rutgers.

Press release

Just another night in a bar in Kampen city somewhere in February 2002. Two old acquaintances get to talking and of course it’s all about music. One of them (Timon Straatsma) is mainly a connoisseur with an almost obsessive passion for sound, the other (Bram v/d Oever) is a practicing musician. That night a plan is forged: Gluid (sort of dutch for sound).

Timon, armed with a MiniDisc recorder and microphones, will record sounds and atmospheres after which Bram will construct music with these recordings. Main objective is to keep the sounds as pure as possible and to definitely not use any ‘real’ instruments, drum computers, synths or samples from other sources. Only Bram’s strange habit of damaging cd’s from his collection (resulting in jitters, tics and glitches), setting ashtrays on fire, nearly blowing up speakers and making bizarre throat noises was allowed…

From the first session with toy box, wine glasses and pounding on floating barrels arises ‘Ekal Naws’. The two are enthusiastic with the result. Timon now takes his recorder and microphones with him everywhere he goes and Bram creates a load of sketches for more tracks. But than comes a period in which Timon is mainly otherwise occupied and Bram on the other hand has lots of free time on his hands. Bram decides to finish the sketches by himself. After that the forged plan comes apart and Gluid is slowly forgotten.

It isn’t until sometime in 2005 that Bram lets some other people listen to the tracks. A musician friend (Marc Fien aka MAGA) encourages him to send Gluid to esc.rec. and also sound engineer/musician Jasper Koekoek of the Paperboat Collective is enthusiastic and offers to remaster the disc and strike a few tracks. Some striking, mastering and sending happened and here is the result: Gluid!


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Bram appears to have a fansite…

Comment by esc.rec. on February 28, 2007

Timon Straatsma on Facebook:

Hey. Ik was vandaag in de Plato, in Zwolle en vraag: “Ik ben een fan van Biosphere, kan je me wat aanraden?” Meneer achter de balie komt met suggesties, maar geen van allen pakt me. Als ik vervolgens m’n cd-tje (oi va voi) wil afrekenen vraagt de meneer achter de balie: “Maar heb je nog tijd om iets anders moois te luisteren?”
“Nee”, zeg ik “Ik moet weer aan het werk. maar welke wilde je me laten horen?”
Ik kijk even verbaast: “Gast, die heb ik gewoon gemaakt. Samen met een maat.”
Hij kijkt even verbaast: “Wow, mijn complimenten. Wij zijn echt enorm fan van die plaat”

Cool huh, thought i’d share.

Comment by esc.rec. on June 26, 2009