Matthijs Kouw – The Great Image Has No Form

May 27, 2019    esc.rec.64, Releases

Title: The Great Image Has No Form
Artist: Matthijs Kouw
Available formats: Limited Edition CD & Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.64

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01 The Dao Is Achieved Through Discipline (8.52)
02 The Being-within-form Is The Mother Of The Myriad Things (7.23)
03 Immersed In The Roar Of Crickets Upon Approaching The Temple Where Sifu Lives (13.20)
04 But To Whom Will They Be Told? (4.54)
05 Sword Practice (16.34)


All music by Matthijs Kouw
Mastered by Jos Smolders
Artwork by Xia Gui
Design by Harco Rutgers

Press release

“The structure being so large, in order for an impression leading towards a possible overview, the participant, of necessity must encounter the limits of what they are able to hold in front of themselves. In doing so, a sort of ’stretching’ must take place, and with it, a kind of ‘friction’, which provides the energy necessary for Work, on a small scale.” – Andrew McKenzie

On this album, Matthijs Kouw presents pensive and melancholic drone-driven music driven by his long-time interest in Daoism and inspired by his visit to the Wudang mountains in China in 2007, where he studied Chinese meditation and martial arts.

Much like the Chinese landscape painting that provides the artwork for this release, the drones on The Great Image Has No Form slowly coalesce, evolve, and morph into metastable structures that linger on, only to slowly evaporate and dissolve into the undifferentiated.

Daoism teaches us that the foundational cannot be named and identified, but rather has to be experienced firsthand. This album is an invitation to the listener to dwell in this space of the unnamable and the mysterious, and to embrace it wholeheartedly.


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