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April 11, 2019    NEW013, Press

Various Artists – NEW 13
Review by KN on Yeah I Know It Sucks:

It’s always nice to hear the latest electronische waar, a heavily curated compilation in which new and upcoming talent in the electronica field from the Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland presents itself in all their might and glory. For the episode with the lucky number 13 we again are given a really nice diversity of artists and their best available tracks to show. Please excuse me if I put on my serious hat over here, I want to support the new generation of music makers and not instantly scare them away by our normal day freaky writings. ??

It all starts very slow and relaxed, which is a formidable surprise to my ears. Sometimes it’s instant bangers, but this is the kind of material that feels perfect to hear late at night, when out in the car, or just chilling in a relaxed position. Bastian Benjamin and Lucinate fit together in this kind of vibe. With a lush yet not in your face vocal by ‘may bby’ the track by Bastian Benjamin feels like its made to be one for in the lounge. It still keeps an high tech electric sound, which Lucinate seems to have shoved kindly more to the back, probably in order to create something that feels like a jazzy ‘gentle people’ kind of work, it’s really pleasant, also featuring incoherent singing to add a bit to the warmth of it all. It wouldn’t be the first thing in mind if i would think of electronic music, but hey; it’s too nice to complain!

The ambient zone is still kept up in place when mkk?.µ’s ??i??i? comes out to play. Obvious kudos to the artist and its font choice. You could clearly here that the artist had been dabbling in the vaporwave world, it is nice and slow, has tiny blips of sampled fragments and than with its 2 minutes runtime – its gone and over with. It’s a nice listen, but also quite forgettable. Maybe we have to wait for an entire album in this style to carve it into our heads how nicely chilled it all is! Would love to hear a full length of this kind of material…

Frisceaux & Charlotte Schwartz’s Seoul Arrival is the first one that has the familiar 4 x 4 beat going on, but it is really cool. It has this nicely world music kind of vibe, with a cute sample on repeat that will take us on a trip to south Korea in which we seemingly get a pleasant warm welcome. I really love how it is cutely decorated with simple, yet solid baselines and a sweet electronic melody. It keeps the Asian touch all over it, which I thought was pleasantly respectful and all round complimentary. No culture barbaric act at all, but a nice melting pot of ancient and new. More than nice in my book!

Love Witch by Zarbi Zibou has that dutch happy hardcore feel integrated with a chill out joyful vibe to create a friendly, funny, happy and imaginative track that will make people happy wherever it will play out to do its thing. A nice example of cut and paste, unexpected togetherness and sampled madness that feels innovative and family friendly. To me personally its the one that will stay with me and i want to visit again. Good music with a sense of humor and making the most out of the medium that is electronic fuckery.

The track by Rajas Void Minus named SKRAD was of a similar category as ??i??i?, you just have to hear much more of it to completely get into it and love it as it probably is intended. 2 minutes and 30 seconds is just too little to soak into this kind of material, it’s utterly vague but I could just imagine where this will all be heading and going. Really hope to hear a full album by this artist as I’m sure that it would be an mind blowing psychedelic experience of some kind! For now it’s a little muffled piece with probably a screwed up tuba, crackles, a bit of noise… yes, more please!

Hijmer’s Stray took quite some time to get up to volume, going for that kind of fade in that your mother had warned you for. But it must be said, it was worth the wait. The music has all the things synth lovers will be in awe for. Nice sounds, creating a nicely balanced atmosphere between dark and light. Nothing to say anything negative about, a perfect piece that lays nicely in the ears.

For the first time on this compilation we hear some native Dutch, brought by NOPP with the track named ‘Niet Alleen’. It’s an interesting piece, an animated pop ambient work with an theatrical execution. It made me think for the most part of a kind lullaby that was friendly for children, until the voice gets a little glitched up at the end. That might be a bit freaky for the youngsters, although, maybe not!

I’m aware that not everyone has the same music taste, but fusus – Juno 0’s my cup of tea. It feels like a classic anthem on one of those prehistoric synthesizer albums, but all spiced up and modern. It has all these nice round bass sounds, energetic melody and a rhythm that pulsates on for the most part – only to make some neat space in the middle section for a wonderful buildup towards the classic ‘drop’. It’s a very melodic piece that feels like it’s performed by robots playing steel drums; it is sunny, happy and will aim to make you feel good inside.

Somehow I had expected it to happen, but the longest track (all the way at the end) seems to have gone full abstract ambient style. Which is of course pleasant to say the least, yet with its full on 7 minutes i couldn’t help thinking that it could have donated some extra space for a bit more of Rajas Void and mkk?.µ.. But i guess they probably just made the mistake by sending in short tunes to the organizers of NEW. But putting that thought aside, the music here done by ‘Invisible Ralf’ for sure honors the track’s title named ‘Momentum’. It feels like a work in which time stands still and yet we get nicely floated towards the silence that the end of this compilation will give when its all done and over with. Again, its really nice music and even with the grand offer of 7 minutes of it – i feel it would be best to release an entire full length of this artist aswell, it’s the only way to fully be soaked into these worlds and get the whole impression of what they are doing and what they are all about.

Highlights to me where artists who managed to get themselves loud and clear in a single track. Like fusus, Hijmer, Zarbi Zibou, NOPP and Frisceaux & Charlotte Schwartz, but who knows whats gonna happen in the long run.. Cant wait to hear what all these talents will come up with next! Hopefully some more music!

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