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November 5, 2018    esc.rec.63, Releases

Title: Dukkha
Artist: Jorg
Available formats: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.63

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01 Not (0.46)
02 Pretpark (4.02)
03 To Say (2.14)
04 John (3.32)
05 Angel Wallpaper (2.18)
06 Q (2.15)
07 Tape Monday (3.24)
08 No Beats (2.29)


Music: Jorg
Master: Sander Haakman
Cover: Harco Rutgers

Press release

‘Dukkha’ is a new mini album by Jorg (producer, DJ, record label owner of Lomechanik fame) and it is perhaps his most personal album to date. In addition to all kinds of processed samples, his field recordings are the starting point for the compositions.

For the ‘Pretpark’ (Amusement Park) track, for example, only the recordings made by Jorg in the Salaeoku sculpture garden in Nong Khai (Thailand) were used. One of the buildings had a gong with a distorted sound that Jorg could not keep away from. With the manipulated sound sources and recorded samples from the park Jorg creates his own world. In the track ‘John’ a train passes by during a lonely walk in the mountains of Sri Lanka. In ‘Tape Monday’ we hear an air alarm (in a small hamlet somewhere in the Netherlands) which often gives him an undefined melancholy feeling. It is the first Monday of the month, there is a threat in the air:

Thoughts like ghosts
wander through your body
Nerves give chase
like an amusement park

Are you coming?


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