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March 12, 2018    esc.rec.60, Press

Cadeu – Echoic
Review by KN in Yeah I Know It Sucks:

I had shivers going down my spine when opening this Cadeu from the illustrious Esc.rec. label run by Harco Rutgers. A while ago the good man had given me this Cadeu and I was content enough to pass it onto all of you lucky readers. This Cadeu made me into that character from Lord of the Rings, keeping it close to my ears while whispering ‘My Precious’ to it. It’s no wonder that it took a while to realize that this is a Cadeu not just for one single selfish person (me), it had just totally occupied me. It’s an eclectic Cadeu, one that if Oprah had placed it underneath the chairs of her studio audience would have affected them a great deal. Every bit of this Cadeu has been one that is like a magician’s hat but instead of rabbits and birds coming out, bizarre yet entertaining happenings are up for grabs.

You wouldn’t know what to expect, from a swarm of buzzy bees, to electric massage sonar sounds blubbering up your bubble butt; every bit of this Cadeu seems to be of the adventurous kind, in fact you might even find the sound of snoring sleeping machines that vibrate their elastics to reenact the audio similar of purring cats. It’s hard to say concretely what a person gets when opening this pleasurable present of Cadeu, as half is directed and produced & the other half is up to what your own imagination will make out of it. But it’s definitely not a case of a tale of ‘The Emperors Cloths’ as the fabrics of dreams are defined and there for all to see and (mostly!) hear!

From a shaking stereophonic moment that will warm you up as if your mind is a tin can that is being wiggled in a dryer, to a more abstract scene in which we slowly but surely get a free holiday by being abducted by a gentle audio alien. When out of the blue the Cadeu will bring you a male voice that transforms into a DMT affected psychedelic audio experience, you might really feel enchanted and entranced by this present among presents in the Esc.rec. catalog. There is simply no more excuse or reason to do out of the mind drug travels as Cadeu is filled with ‘experiences’ that you can trip on without negatively affecting your health. Even the sound of teaspoons might simply be enhanced by Cadeu into something undefined and next level. This is the work of an audio wizard that feels like magic to the open minded that loves to hike in audio unrealities.

Cadeu will bring you the experimental bouncing ball sound experiments from the nineties and brings them beyond wildest dreams & expectations, delivering you an album that entertains with simplicity and complexity at the same time. Get your own shivers-down-your-spine-worth-of-material over at the following link:

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