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Cadeu – Echoic

Published: February 19, 2018
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Title: Echoic
Artist: Cadeu
Available formats: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.60

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This release is also available via many other download and streaming channels, like Spotify, iTunes, etc. Check this Spotify playlist for many more Esc.rec. releases on Spotify.


01 Echoic I (3.27)
02 Echoic II (2.07)
03 Echoic III (2.40)
04 Echoic IV (2.54)
05 Echoic V (1.51)
06 Echoic VI (2.29)
07 Echoic VII (1.41)
08 Echoic VIII (2.48)
09 Echoic IX (2.41)
10 Echoic X (2.45)
11 Echoic XI (2.58)
12 Echoic XII (2.31)


All music by Cadeu
Design by Cadeu

Press release

Minute variations and subtle shifts in their consistency and periodicity tend to lead to dramatic changes on a larger scale. However, it’s their subtlety and fine distinction that keep them unobserved immediately, but only when tremendous impact has been done. Everyone contributes to that impact by seemingly insignificant actions, bit by bit, day by day.

‘Echoic’ exploits repetitiveness and multiplication of sounds to illustrate those tiny, yet crucial alterations accumulating till the point when a picture doesn’t look as it used to, when meanings are distorted and displaced and things are far beyond control. Delay and echo effects were used as the primary tools for production.

Another concern raised by this album is the overall change of the acoustic environment. From the early days of radio and phonographs through the era of technological progress humanity has been surrounding itself with a variety of sounds, ending up in a world filled with the vast amount of voices. ‘Echoic VIII’ is a take on ‘viralness’ of a day with all its cascading tweets, scattering chirps and numerous clicks, while the closing track ‘Echoic XII’ depicts multiple devices sustaining a conversation without a human being involved. This communicative mutation has also been evolving gradually and insensibly over decades.

Initially built on tiny details, shifts and slight alterations, ‘Echoic’ is focused on irreversibility and consequences.

Cadeu is Konstantin Kazhev, a Russian electronic musician, producer and remixer. ‘Echoic’ is his second album on this label. Please also check his previous album ‘O’.


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