New release(s) by Jeroen Diepenmaat

March 23, 2017    News, Sediment

Working on new release(s) by Jeroen Diepenmaat, based on the 4 soundwalks he’ll guide and record. More information overhere. The releases will be created during these soundwalks and at first they are only available when you participate in the soundwalks. One at a time. At the end of the series the complete box of four CD’s is available as a very limited release for some lucky collectors who weren’t able to attend the soundwalks. Or you can complete your box if you couldn’t attend all the walks.

There’s a maximum of 10 participants in each walk, so be quick to get tickets. The first one is planned on 26 March. The second on 25 June, the third on 29 October, the fourth on 28 January.

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