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Review in Ambientblog

The Void* - Values: "a wide range of atmospheres, starting almost ‘poppy’ but quickly moving into more abstract dimensions"

Published: July 13, 2016
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The Void* – Values
Review by Peter van Cooten in Ambientblog:

The Void * notation comes from the C++ programming language, and is pronounced as Void Pointers. If you’re not familiar with the C++ language (and I assume you aren’t – just like me), it’s interesting to read about a void pointer in terms relating to music:

“The void pointer is a special type of pointer that can be pointed at objects of any data type. However, because the void pointer does not know what type of object it is pointing to, it cannot be dereferenced directly. The void pointer must be explicitly cast to another pointer type before it is dereferenced. The next obvious question is: If a void pointer doesn’t know what it’s pointing to, how do we know what to cast it to? Ultimately, that is up to you to keep track of.”

I could almost leave it at that for a review: this seems to describe the Void Pointers‘ music perfectly.

Values presents a wide range of atmospheres, starting almost ‘poppy’ but quickly moving into more abstract dimensions.
The geeky trio (Roald Dillewijn, Eric Magnée and Tijs Ham) not only build their own instruments, but also code the software to play them. And yet their music never sounds artificial, they have a nice warm organic sound despite their titles (which are also taken from the C++ language).

Another interesting detail is that Values is released simultaneously by three different (dutch) labels that share a taste for the adventurous: Esc.Rec, Lomechanik and Shipwrec.

Oh, and by the way: the last track is called Dereference – so you don’t need to worry you’re left dwelling in the void without knowing where to point to next.

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