The Void* – Values

June 10, 2016    LES001, Releases

The Void_ - Values

Title: Values
Artist: The Void*
Available formats: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl, digital download
Catalog#: LES001
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01 Function (6.35)
02 D BI DI F (4.35)
03 Memcpy (7.25)
04 Abstract (3.52)
05 E AB EF B (5.26)
06 Dereference (7.46)


All music performed on self-designed intruments by The Void*
Recorded at Domaine des Domaines, Hary, France
Mastered by Rinus Hoonig at Record Industry
Label artwork by Marina Stavrou
Sleeve design & layout by Studio Another Day
Screen printing at Kurtface
Sleeve lasered at Steim

Press release

For several years now, The Void* (pronounced: The Void Pointers) have been developing their own sound idiom at the cutting edge of ambient, live electronics, drones and post-rock. The trio, consisting of Roald Dillewijn, Eric Magnée and Tijs Ham, looks for new expressive sounds and they choose to build their own instruments to accomplish this. Both the coding of software and hardware tinkering are used to knead their sonic universe. Deep sound textures are interspersed with massive sound walls to then revert to a fragile piano note.

In 2014 The Void* travelled to France to record new material. A week of wine, cheese, cows and music. Lots of music. The recordings originated from free improvisation, out of which structures or basic playing rules quickly formed, laying down sound carpets which did or didn’t work well together. Throughout 2015, the band has been listening, cutting, pasting, adding and deleting layers, distorting, distilling, maturing and refining to finally get to the core: the album ‘Values’.

The name The Void* originated from the C ++ programming language. The three band members use code and hardware to develop their instruments, sometimes by hacking, sometimes by implementing their own designs. C++ is also the origin of the ‘technical’ album and track titles. A nice contrast to the organic and warm sound of ‘Values’.

‘Values’ is released by three(!) collaborating record labels from The Netherlands: Lomechanik, Esc.rec. and Shipwrec. Lomechanik worked with both labels before on separate releases, but this is the first time that the three of them join forces. Apart from the differences between them, there is also an unmistakable overlap in their output. This album by The Void* fits seamlessly into the catalogues of all three labels. Both musically and aesthetically, because the packaging of this 12″ vinyl is stunningly beautiful, as usual.

Live dates coming up:
July 16 in De Perifeer, Deventer
July 17 at Valkhof Festival, Nijmegen


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