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May 19, 2016    esc.rec.50, Press

Cadeu – O
Review by KN in Yeah I Know It Sucks:

The music on this album switches itself on like the kick start on a motorcycle. When it is ‘ON’ the journey into a fine audio art represents itself in all it’s intelligent crispest niceness. The sounds are fresh and crystal clear, a bit wet at times but mostly representing itself in fresh rhythmic ways. They are the fine sounds to form groovy material to hear on their own, but also know when to give way to sentimental well performed melodies in unexpected expanding ways.

This is music that you will not hear every day, unless you had found it, and indeed would play it everyday.
*- Daily use is very recommended now that you have found it.

This is one of these masterful releases for the fans of intelligent electronics with a neat interesting groove in its oddness, in sound, mellowness as well as in rhythm. The sounds are coming across very clean and hygienic, at times even the term ‘plastic fantastic’ comes to mind. The material is on one side slightly mechanic while at the same time being placed and played in unexpected open minded ways, something that will make you feel like being emerged into a audio experiment that feels improvisational and yet fairly planned and well thought through.

The greatness (in my opinion) sits in that the clean cut sounds are teamed up with the human personality of the Russian music & sound exploding artist who had made it. It’s clearly steering the groovy sounds and melodies into ways that feels very much like a hands on result of a live concert of electronics.

It really has that high case of unexpectedness, which is the sound of letting things go and ‘whatever will be, will be’, while still sounding very controlled and secure. This is outing itself in creating the human playfulness within these tracks, a joy that is fairly unheard off in the intelligent electronic music scene. Clean, playful and with a scientific sounding human soul inside…

The tracks on this album slide neatly into each other but refrains from sounding all one and the same, it’s more like a diversity of smart experimentation knitted together like an excellent deejay who also knows when it’s time for an melodic moment in between the rhythmic show of intelligence. The results of these vast mellow moments are pretty sublime, revealing a warm and kind sensibility that is not only a joy for the mind, but also a satisfying pleasure for the ears.

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