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Cadeu – O

Published: November 10, 2015
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Title: O
Artist: Cadeu
Available formats: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.50

Download & listen through Bandcamp


01 Off (1.30)
02 Visions (3.25)
03 Derjenige (3.45)
04 Dead Hugs (2.57)
05 Pulp (2.47)
06 Morok (2.08)
07 Orion (2.59)
08 Sun2 (1.59)
09 Forevst (2.42)
10 Chamber (1.45)
11 Mateo (2.14)
12 O (2.43)
13 Presence (Bonus Track) (2.37)
14 Random# (Bonus Track) (2.47)


Music: Cadeu
Mastering: Lion Side | Mixing & Mastering Services
Design: Konstantin Kazhev

Press release

Cadeu is Konstantin Kazhev, a Russian electronic musician, producer and remixer based in Saint Petersburg. He got his first experience in composing music in his early teens with long time ally Nata Rudman (Shadow’s Dreams, R U). Between 2013 and 2015 Cadeu released several EP’s and mixtapes as well as his debut album.

“After finishing my debut album I kept on creating new tunes, but it all seemed to me like I’d heard it before. I found myself in a loop. Felt that I needed to go back to zero to reset. I decided to stay away from the patterns, harmonies and techniques I previously felt comfortable with. This is how “O” was invented.” – Cadeu

This 50th(!) Esc.rec. release is available via Bandcamp only. The download includes two bonus tracks. Not leftovers mind you, but excellent extra’s, rewarded exclusively to downloaders. This also goes for the included PDF booklet, designed by Konstantin Kazhev.


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