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June 30, 2015    esc.rec.48, Press

Söll – Cävv
Review in by Peter van Cooten

There is not a single word without a diacritic trema on this album by Söll – alias of Jorge Pandeirada from Portugal. This adventurous debut is released on the dutch Esc.Rec. label – a label that specializes in releasing music that defies any categorisation. With a degree in Music Production and Electronic Music, and now studying for a master in Sound Design, Pandeirada sure knows how to create some fascinating detailed (‘fine-grained’) sound sculptures. “Listening to Cävv is like listening to the perfect soundtrack to an abstruse story, slowly unfolding. Like gliding into in the dreamworld of an abstract creature living in darkness, oblivious to light. Like probing the most placid moment of something monstrous. Like a deep reflection of consciousness.”

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