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November 18, 2014    esc.rec.45, Press

Frond – The Second Continent
Review in Vital Weekly:

Behind Frond we find one Richard Bultitude, who has been producing music since being a teenager and in his mid-twenties he had a project called Point B, of which I never heard. Frond is his latest outing and ‘The Second Continent’ is the first cassette on Esc.rec. (known so far mostly for their downloads and CDRs). The cover doesn’t mention any instruments, but me thinks there is surely a guitar around here, maybe a synthesizer and electronics for sure. Also part of the game might be the use of field recordings but if they are, they might be heavily processed, down there somewhere, although in ‘Urban Glow’ we sensor the call or birds. The music is all very ambient but of the variety with a darker undercurrent. There is a lot of darker tension brooding underneath the waves here; nothing seems carefree really. That of course is a great thing. There is a certain darker side to the music, an angular side if you will that is a bit nasty, without being noisy. Now of course it might be the fact that this is released on a cassette, but it’s also in the music itself. It’s all quite nice, but at the same time, it’s also something that I heard before. That is perhaps the downside to this. It sounds great but also a bit unsurprising. Think Fennesz, Hecker, Mathieu and all the other likes who melt their guitar and/or field recordings through the use of the computer into icy, atmospheric blocks of sound, even when Frond uses an electric piano here and there on top of things. On a rainy Sunday afternoon however such contemplations may not matter, and it’s just the beauty that counts.


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