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Title: Souvenirs van de Woeste grond
Various Artists
Available formats: Limited edition CD (in handmade cover!), download
Catalog#: esc.rec.44

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01 Gluid – The Oaks Are Still Singing (6.01)
02 Gareth Davis – Stone (15.00)
03 Machinefabriek – Kleurenrivier (3.09)
04 Wouter van Veldhoven – … maar er kwam niemand (2.31)
05 Reinier van Houdt – LOSS / STORAGE (8.25)
06 Weerthof – Hattog (3.16)


Track 1:
Composition & production by Bram van den Oever
Mastering by René de Wilde
Creaking oak sounds from Klankbeeld,
Wind chimes sounds from Philip Goddard,

Track 2:
Gareth Davis: bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, piano and tape

Track 3:
Music by Rutger Zuydervelt

Track 4:
Music by Wouter van Veldhoven
Thanks to Radboud, Nelis and Jan for the Uher’s and the Sony

Track 5:
Composed, played and recorded by Reinier van Houdt, using stones, shortwave radio, piano, e-bows, frothers, fieldrecordings and synthesizers

Track 6:
Music by Michiel van de Weerthof
Poem: Hattog – Andenken an dat jörreke, dat ‘t met zien kaörke zo zoer môs verdeenen
Written and recited by Rein Heerink (1969)
Based on a composition by Ad Wammes from Sesame Street tape ‘Op Avontuur met Tommie’. With kind permission of – and high five to – Mr. Wammes.
Mastering: René de Wilde
Foekepot (friction drum): Reinsamba – Cuicá samplepack,
Percussion: Seidhepriest – Percussion samplepack,
Rain interlude: Inchadney – Rain samplepack,

Concept & selection/compilation by Harco Rutgers
Design cover & booklet by Harco Rutgers
Covers limited release handmade by Harco Rutgers
Stamps made by Stempelgalerie Deventer

Many thanks to all artists involved!

Special thanks to Landschap Overijssel, Kunstenlab, Provincie Overijssel

Press release

Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond is a project initiated by Landscape Overijssel and Kunstenlab. In this project two artists collected stories about the countryside landscape in order to save them from obscurity. In the second phase of the project eight different artists make a souvenir based on the collected stories. These souvenirs are available at different locations in the province of Overijssel. You can find more information at

This CD is one of those eight souvenirs and is released by Esc.rec. in a limited edition, with a handmade cover by Harco Rutgers. But it’s also available as a digital download, if you prefer that.

This is a release with specially composed music by several artists, selected by Harco Rutgers, in the context of the project ‘Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond’. The six compositions are based on the stories collected by Heidi Linck about Losser and it’s surroundings. The release itself is also based on one of those stories.

Introductions to the stories that form the basis for this release can be found in the booklet accompanying the limited release. They can be read in their entirety at (in Dutch).

The six artists who composed a track for this compilation are: Gluid, Gareth Davis, Machinefabriek, Wouter van Veldhoven, Reinier van Houdt and Weerthof.


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One comment

Mooi gebruik van mijn krakende eik in eerste nummer.

Comment by marcel on June 27, 2014