June 22, 2014: Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond

June 10, 2014    News


Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond is a project initiated by Landschap Overijssel and Kunstenlab. In this project two artists set out to collect stories about the countryside landscape and save them from obscurity. In the second phase of the project eight different artists make a souvenir based on the collected stories. These souvenirs are going to be available at different locations in the province of Overijssel. You can find more information here.

Besides running this label, I am also a visual artist and designer. As some of you may know. Anyway, I am one of the eight selected artists to make a souvenir in this project. Mine is going to be a CD with six compositions based on the stories collected by Heidi Linck about Losser and it’s surroundings. The release itself is also inspired by one of these stories.

I selected six artists for this compilation: Gluid, Gareth Davis, Machinefabriek, Wouter van Veldhoven, Reinier van Houdt and Weerthof. I also designed and hand-produced the cover and booklet for this limited edition release. I’m still working on it, but you can see some photo’s of the stamps (thank you Stempelgalerie) and a sneak preview of the cover below.



On June 22 this is going to be released here on Esc.rec. Both as a limited edition CD release and as a download.

On June 22 you are also kindly invited to attend the Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond festival in Steenfabriek De Werklust in Losser. All eight souvenirs and some of the stories will be presented here, along with a guided tour of this spectacular location. Two of the artists featured on my CD will perform their compositions live on this special occasion: Gareth Davis and Reinier van Houdt. If you want to attend, please let the organization know in advance: read the full invitation (pdf) here, or on Facebook.


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