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February 19, 2014    esc.rec.42, Press

Various Artists – Disc Jockey
Review in A Closer Listen:

Well, now, this is an interesting album, and goes to show how many ways you can interpret a brief. Esc.rec asked a selection of producers to make a track about DJs – not for, by or with, but about. The results are certainly varied, as clearly the definition of DJ is not limited to someone like Tiësto (although he does get a track dedicated to himself), but turntablists, experimenters and scratchers. So after a jaunty opening brace, there’s a lengthy sequence of tracks devoted to the subtle snap, crackle and pop of vinyl. It’s as if Tigerbeat6 signed Philip Jeck and Christian Marclay and stuck them in the middle of a label sampler. It takes a while for the pace to pick up, and when it does there’s a feeling that the tracks are not all they could be – yes “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” is a classic tune but is there any more need to sample it? Thankfully, there is considerable improvement in the final third, with the tracks sequenced in a cohesive manner that makes listening easier. It’s a nice idea, and a good way to discover new artists although the sense remains that the execution is a little lacking. Disc Jockey certainly has some great ideas on it, but it may have worked better as three volumes of EPs, rather than a full CD-length release.


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