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January 6, 2014    esc.rec.39, Press

Wild Wild Ambent Boys – We Don’t Rock
Review by Weerthof in his Endlist Schmendlist:

The label Esc.rec., and more precisely the man behind the curtains Harco Rutgers, is one of my big heroes of 2013. But next to taking the risk of putting up with me, Esc.rec. had a LOT of great releases this year. To pick my favorite: We don’t rock. Seemingly serene, meek and laidback. It could be this is Hidde van Schie and Jeroen S. Rozendaal’s solution to- and salvation from the loudness war. Quiet is the new loud. And the more silent you become, the more you hear. And when you actually listen, you can hear more is going on in this record than on a Christmas day at Disneyland. Soundscapes and fieldrecordings fluently glide into very solid pop-songs, and surprises lurk at every corner. A very well rounded album, both as a statement ánd as a good listen-adventure that planted quite some seeds in my mind.

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