Weerthof – Dozy Ditty (Moscow Blues Version by Elya Kirillova)

December 21, 2013    News

Last week Weerthof received something amazing from Moscow in his mailbox: a beautiful Russian folk blues singing version of ‘Dozy Ditty’, from his Out of Control EP. As Elya Kirillova puts it: ‘it’s been a pleasure to moo into the mic’. Elya was also happy to share it with all of you.

Original Dozy Ditty coming from the Weerthof EP ‘Out of Control‘.

Lyrics by Elya Kirillova (translated from Russian):

In two hundred twenty two
We’ll sail among sunrise clouds
I am counting the days left
And drop the horizon into my dreams for the time beeing.

The waves will braid into a knot
The unison of two breaths
Let’s get out of locked cabin
The brigantine is heading north-north

The wind will visit the sail
Wednesday will follow Tuesday
In front of the stars
The palms will touch and eyes meet eyes

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