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December 11, 2013    esc.rec.40, Press

Weerthof – Out Of Control
Review in A Closer Listen:

ACL 2013: The Year’s Best Packaging

… Michiel van de Weerthof has been around for a little longer, but his latest effort is another marvel that combines the old and the new. Out of Control is an EP on a USB stick cooked into a homemade bar of soap. Only 50 copies were made, but one can appreciate the time and love that went into such an endeavor. The music matches the appearance, as instruments include balloon, bathtub, rubber bands and wooden ruler. The initial run sold out within a matter of days, but the artist has created a waiting list just in case people are interested in a second run. We think such a thing would be worth it, so we encourage our readers to get in touch with the artist via email! …

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