Various Artists – Disc Jockey

December 17, 2013    esc.rec.42, Releases


Title: Disc Jockey
Artist: Various Artists
Available formats: download
Catalog#: esc.rec.42

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01 Bedhelm – De DJ Is Een Mietje (3.12)
02 Jonas – Blackballed (3.16)
03 Teleferick – A Lonely Stylus In The Canyon Of Grooves (3.18)
04 X-Static Tics – Diejay Hardway Replay (4.14)
05 Wieman – God Is A Pleaser (7.34)
06 Kris Kelvin – 42-hB (8.30)
07 Yop – The Gatekeeper (2.04)
08 Weerthof – Navels (ft. Frietboer & Hösnök) (3.59)
09 Xaf – The Fix (5.41)
10 Jos Smolders – Surgeon Too Deep In Drvg Cvltvre (6.25)
11 Michael Fakesch – Take Your Fingers (3.20)
12 Toxic Chicken & Ech(o) – DJ Triësto (4.20)
13 Radboud Mens – Music For Cutting Up Vinyl (6.25)
14 Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva – Ditty For Newby (2.29)
15 Kalima – 1’s & 2’s (ft. Unannounced Guest) (3.02)
16 Gluid – Floating In A Test Tube (ft. Andrei) (3.55)
17 Jeroen Diepenmaat – Several Ways To Exclude The Opaque, While Counting Till Four (5.27)


Many thanks to all artists involved!
Design by Harco Rutgers

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Press release

For the Disc Jockey compilation, Esc.rec. invited a diverse selection of artists to deliver a track about DJ’s. Not for DJ’s, not by DJ’s, not even with DJ’s… just about DJ’s. The result is a caleidoscopic impression of the world of the Disc Jockey as seen through the eyes of the featured artists.

It seems there are many approaches to producing a track about DJ’s. And there are positive, negative and neutral points of view on this phenomenon represented here. In fact, even the word Disc Jockey is open for multiple interpretations. Just consider the many differences between radio DJ’s, party DJ’s and turntablists alone…

Not to go into detail about every single track, but to illustrate the broad variety of approaches… Some artists use lyrics to get their point across, others use samples, records and sounds. Some honor known DJ’s with a tribute, others use parody to strike ‘m down without mercy. Some emphasize the physical and auditory qualities of playing records, others dive into the culture surrounding DJ’s. Some have allowed themselves to be inspired by DJ’s (or one specific DJ), others use existing songs about DJ’s as raw source material in an abstract composition. In some of the tracks the link with DJ’s is crystal clear, in others you might have to do some research first (track titles are a good place to start in most cases).

‘De DJ Is Een Mietje’ (The DJ Is A Sissy) by Bedhelm was actually the trigger to finally execute the idea for this compilation, which had been slumbering for years in the mind of Harco Rutgers, the record label owner. That makes this one of the few tracks that wasn’t specifically created for this release.


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