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Wild Wild Ambient Boys - We Don't Rock (review) "The only easy thing I could compare it with is The Books"

Published: November 26, 2013
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Wild Wild Ambent Boys – We Don’t Rock
Review in Vital Weekly:

Many of the releases on Esc.rec are on CDR or download form, but here’s one on a pro-pressed CD. So Esc.rec either has a lot of confidence in this band or someone sponsored this big time. Behind Wild Wild Ambient Boys we find a duo of Hidde van Schie and Jeroen S. Rozendaal. The latter is a musician, writer and film maker. He’s been a member of such bands as Room 101, De Vogels, The New Earth Group, The Minor Details and Hond & Wolf, none of which I heard about before. He also produces music for (Dutch) movies and has a bunch of solo records. MR reviewed his ‘At My Feet In The Ground…’ LP in Vital Weekly. He’s responsible for the electronics here and teams up with Hidde van Schie, who gets the credit for strings and vocals. He’s a musician and visual artist, organizer of events and recently released a singer-song writer album. Their ‘important influences are porcelain flamingos, Microsoft Office, David Hamilton and memories of horses in the late 60s’, we are told in the press release. It’s a fine yet strange album. It’s for instance not easy not to think of ambient music here, but it’s not very standard ambient, defying all things drone like for instance. But the rather pleasant tinkling of guitars, field recordings, fine crackles and throughout a highly melodic touch runs through this record. There are also pieces with rhythm, such as ‘White Limousine/Scarface Interior Design’, chopped up and wild indeed, but also the more introspective kind in ‘Sweet Oblivion And A Soft Headache Singing’. A varied album of moods and textures. The only easy thing I could compare it with is The Books. It has that same playful style, cut up vocals, a near pop sensitivity combined with a fine sense of abstract moods. The references, as far as I can judge, is just a nice line to sell this, but the music doesn’t need that, I should think. It’s quite powerful and strong as it is.


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