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November 13, 2013    esc.rec.40, Press

Weerthof – Out Of Control
Review in Yeah I Know It Sucks:

‘Awaken Scape’
Just as the title implies the first opening track feels as a great awakening after a good night rest. The birds slowly sing their song, making way for the arrangement between human and it’s collection of alarm clocks. The rooster does his morning call a little too late, but nonetheless supplies the extra push to wake the listener up in a cozy and effective way.

‘Squeeky Polka’
The second track of this sample fest is also corresponding tightly with the title. A cute little work based on manipulated home baked sound recordings, arranged in a fun little squeeky polka.

‘Pantoffle Skiffle’
With this very pretty and friendly petite track, the lovers of the braindance genre will be delightfully entertained. Pantoffle Skiffle does everything in a tight but lose friendly structure, mixing odd sounds that form rhythms with sweet and funny musical melodies.

‘Toothbrush Tune’
With a sweet sound covering the base and easy going friendliness the artist guides the listener through lots of bubbles and the complete toothbrush ritual. The sweet tune leaves the ears squeaky clean, although a bit soapy. Which brings us to the perfect transition of this work into the next one.

‘Soapy Swing’
Within this soapy track the listener gets a nice slice of a slow jazz swing. It’s amazing how such a short tune captures the essence so perfectly here.

‘Sewing Song’
This sweet little record keeps providing good and sweet sounding vibes that seem to blend simple innocence with creative intelligence. With this ‘Sewing Song’ the artist has possibly created an very sweet musical highlight of this record. It has a nice french feeling to it, quite possibly infected by the outstanding choice of accordion prettiness sewed in the cut & paste electronica.

‘Aerial Alegretto’
When still being pleased by the previous tune, the artist provides simply more epic but petite sounding friendliness. This time more instruments with snares like a violin are being added to this wonderful mix of adult and child-friendly entertainment. There is even the awkward moment of hinting at the the music used for the mister Bean series, which will probably tickles a smile to anyone lucky enough to be able to listen to this cute collection of musical tracks.

‘Dozy Ditty’
This is the unfortunate moment that artist Weerthof is saying goodbye to it’s listeners. Luckily the artist keeps the Dozy Ditty in the same style as to leave this release with a very happy ending.

Weerthof’s – Out Of Control was originally released on a wooden USB stick, encased in a homemade soapbar. This physical appearance has unfortunately sold out to collectors with a good nose and a sense of hygiene, but the music on its own is enough to convince me to convince you: to get this sweetness in your musical playlist for happy times!

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