October 2: Out Of Control EP release in De Krakeling

September 30, 2013    News


Why not combine the release of Weerthof‘s Out Of Control EP with the show for which the music was created in the first place?

The Out of Control EP takes you on an electro-acoustic journey through a (not so) ordinary day. Glitchy electronics, neo-classical and unlikely musical instruments such as sewing machines, toothbrushes, daxophones, elastic bands, pvc pipes, balloons, whirly tubes and vuvuzela’s. Originally this music is the soundtrack for circustheatre play ‘Huis op Hol‘ (previously known as ‘Out of Control’) by Wietske Vogels about a peculiar female inventor who builds overly complicated contraptions to make her everyday routines into something gracefully awesome.

Come see the show in Theater De Krakeling in Amsterdam and be one of the first to get your hands on the limited edition of this EP, on a wooden usb-stick, encased in a bar of soap, home-made by Weerthof! Only 50 numbered copies of these are made, straight from the Weerthof cooking laboratory. In fact Weerthof will also be there, cooking soap. Live.

Some reactions to the smell of the Out of Control soap: “This smell reminds me of the boat of my grand-parents”, “It smells a bit electrical”, “Somewhere between an scullery and a workshop”, “Like drinking mint tea on Texel”.

On October 2 this release is also available as a digital pay-what-you-want release.

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