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Vital Weekly

At My Feet In The Ground... (review)

Published: September 13, 2013
Tags: esc.rec.38, Press


J.S. Rozendaal – At My Feet In The Ground…
Review in Vital Weekly:

A newbie in our music scene for me, this Jeroen Rozendaal. His website informs us that he’s working in many fields: film, music, poetry, theatre and much more. This LP on clear vinyl presents two tracks, both clocking in at almost 25 minutes. Now that alone is already an achievement, especially considering the depth in sound! But that is not all. Rozendaal presents a composition in two parts on this disc. They are clearly linked together and could well form one piece. The structure of the music is very well composed, opposing gentle and soft sounds with sudden and harsh breaks. Also the sound sources vary from unedited field recordings to digitally manipulated voice sequences. Acoustic instruments are juxtaposed with electronic sounds. A short review will not do enough credit to this carefully composed and produced LP, but a much longer one will become way too long… so I will leave it at this: a beautiful record, worth every groove.


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