J.S. Rozendaal – At My Feet In The Ground

September 12, 2013    esc.rec.38, Releases



Title: At My Feet In The Ground…
Artist: J. S. Rozendaal
Available formats: limited clear vinyl 12″ LP, download
Catalog#: esc.rec.38

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01 Side A (24.12)
02 Side B (21.15)


Jeroen S. Rozendaal: acoustics, electronics & manipulations
Recorded between september 2009 and august 2012 at Studiorev, Rotterdam & various places in Europe
Mastered at LGM Studio bij Chris van Velde

Thanks to Dorien Rozendaal, Roel van Tour, Eva Poppink, Fenneke Bordewijk, Gyz la Rivière, Frank Taal, Walter Birkhoff & Stefan Tijs

Press release

This is the first solo work by J. S. Rozendaal to surface – apart from early cassette and download releases – in a limited clear vinyl edition of 300. It was initially self-released, but shortly after that it was welcomed into the Esc.rec. catalogue. Adopted with open arms.

Originally this electro-acoustic recording was an installation piece in one of the main streets of Rotterdam, which played the music in an endless loop. This LP cuts the original recording in two halves, both clocking in at almost 25 minutes. Two beautifully balanced compositions that combine field recordings with heavily manipulated vocals and conventional instruments like bass, Thai flute and piano. Adventurous, captivating trips into a remarkable and carefully composed world of sound. Or, like the critics say: “A beautiful record, worth every groove”.

J. S. Rozendaal is a Rotterdam based musician, writer and filmmaker. From the late eighties to the early nineties, he produced various cassette releases with ambient and harsh noise collages. He contributed to the scores of various documentaries and films like Brainstorm (2001), Cheese! (2001), Building for Brussels (2010) Interzone (2011), Rotterdam 2040 (2013) and many short animation films.

Parallel to his musical solo career he participated in various musical projects like Room 101 (Hardcore/noise), De Vogels (Psychedelic improv), The New Earth Group (Psychedelic jazz), The Minor Details (Indie), Wild Wild Ambient Boys (Wild Wild Ambient), Hond & Wolf (Folk).


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