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Check this preview of Weerthof‘s Out of Control EP, which is to be released through Esc.rec. on October 2nd. Weerthof is currently in the process of developing a rather unique packaging method for the limited edition of this release… Exciting!

The Out of Control EP combines neo-classical music with glitchy electronics and unlikely musical instruments such as sewing machines, toothbrushes, daxophones, elastic bands, pvc pipes, balloons, whirly tubes and vuvuzela’s.

Originally this music is the soundtrack for circustheatre play ‘Out of Control’ by Wietske Vogels about a female inventor who builds overly complicated contraptions to make her peculiar everyday life into something graceful.

The last minute of Aerial Allegretto is a reference to- , and interpretation of Howard Goodall’s insanely delightful masterpiece ‘Ecce Homo qui est Faba’ (indeed, the Mister Bean theme).

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