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Esc.rec.36 (review)

Published: July 10, 2013
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Jorg – Esc.rec.36
Review in The Quietus:

“Music isn’t safe”, states a voice at the beginning of ‘Unsafe’, blurring into a 90s rock and trance monster track laced with laid back hip hop beats. It’s almost as if the American producer BT has gone back to his roots. He hasn’t however. This is Lomechanik boss Jorg de Man from Nijmegen making a record for experimental music label Esc.rec. And although ‘Unsafe’ certainly lives up to his reputation as a beat maker most tracks on this album are without dance drum programming, using beats in an abstract manner. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t rhythm on this album however. Jorg started out as a radio maker and that’s still discernible in his music. His tracks are mostly layered out of samples from movies, radio shows and found sound. You could compare the result with a lo-fi version of the early work by Flying Lotus: unclean, hectic and always searching for the right end result.

But that end result – a good, clean, melodic track for instance – isn’t what Jorg is about. His music is never finished, with good reason so it seems: this is music that alters the listeners perception about what a track is and, more important, is more about sound than structure. Doesn’t mean that Jorg doesn’t use beats. ‘Name Of’ for instance, is exciting lo-fi future garage, slow and rhythmic. The same goes with ‘You’ where beats mixed to the background seem to drive a hypnotic, glitchy synth-loop of an nearly unrecognizable voice sample. In ‘Tell Ya’ Jorg is using Michael Jackson’s voice. Playing with voice samples, pitching them up or down, stretching them and altering their meaning, is what he does best, making this 36th release of the always interesting Esc.rec label a very good one.

Theo Ploeg

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