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April 23, 2013    esc.rec.36, Press

Jorg – Esc.rec.36
Review in Vital Weekly:

The Jorg here on this limited CDr, and no doubt unlimited download, is a guest on loan from his own label dealings, on the highly local (Vital Weekly local that is) label Lomechanik. On his own label Jorg releases all kinds of beat based music styles, or perhaps even more extended, all sorts of electronic music. Here he has fifteen pieces, from six seconds to just over five minutes, but the majority is under three minutes. Jorg’s own music has only the faintest traces of dance music. Very occasionally there is something of techno beat to be detected here, but mostly this is a collage of moods and atmospheres. All done with electronics and field recordings. People talking, machinery and electronics that play drones, melodies of a darker nature, and sometimes that thumb of a beat. More melodic than y’r average drone release, Jorg has his eye open for the musical component. Piano sounds tinkle, there is some singing and it’s never abstract. This is all more like a story than just a bunch of pieces. Maybe I think so, because I’m told by the press text, but maybe it’s the brief character of the songs that made me think so, or maybe it’s the fact that these tracks seem to flow neatly into each other. Great stuff, I think. Because it sounds so unlike any sort of organized rhythm based music, I am particular attracted to this.


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