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Delusion (review)

Published: March 19, 2013
Tags: esc.rec.34, Press


Ifang – Delusion
Review by Vital Weekly:

Thank god, Esc.rec has more to offer than a compilation with lame ‘new’ electronic music. Check out their website as there is lots of free music over there for download. I am never sure when the decision is made to release something as a download-only and when it is also granted a CDR release. Here for instance the music spans only three tracks in about thirteen minutes. It has a nice handmade digipak, so that’s always great. Ifang is a seventeen year old producer from Nijmegen – hey ho let’s go – who did this music as part of a school project but now wants to devote his life to making music. Good for him. These three pieces are all based on the more intelligent lifeforms of techno music, with nice beats, crispy electronics, scratchy samples and a humming melody or two. Like that ‘NEW 8.0’ sampler elsewhere – which actually has no pieces from Ifang on it – this is all laptop based electronics, but since I never really properly studied Ableton, I must say this is indeed very nice music. Not the most ‘new’ (pun intended), but in a sort of Warp Records fashion this was all pleasantly nice ambient techno armchair shit, y’know dude? Unless of course I missed out on the latest craze in techno land and I am using the wrong lingo here. Nice, nice. Relaxing, melancholic. Oh, shit, only thirteen minutes. Why, oh why? I would have loved at least thirty or forty of this! Nijmegen’s new talent! Hurrah. (FdW)

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